Delaware Water Gap transportation 2021


I was hoping to ask what people who bring their own canoe(s)/kayak(s) are using for transportation at the Delaware Water Gap this year, since the River Runner shuttle isn’t running. I called a few outfitters, but none of them offer a portaging/transport service - they’re all too busy with rentals.

So the basic question is this: Is there a reliable way to drop a boat/gear at Milford Beach, drive and drop a car at the Water Gap, and get to Milford Beach without bringing two cars?

One outfitter recommended Uber. But is this a place where Ubers are regularly available? Are there other options?


I’m in the Poconos and was wondering the same thing.

I’d be up for doing some trips that started or ended around the Gap, either tandem in my Grumman 17’ Standard or paddling solo with separate boats.

If anybody wants to set up a trip with a two vehicle shuttle, post your interest here or shoot me a PM.

I’m a novice paddler and old fart that would be most interested in short trips at first, with the possibility of longer trips later.

I have a cargo van with a roof rack that could two or more boats easily.


I joined just so I can respond to this post. I’ve used the River runner before just to the first drop off. I’d like to do it again this year but need to coordinate transportation. I’d also like to go further up stream and camp out in one or two of the first come first served River side campsites. Let me know if anyone is interested in trying to plan something.