Delaware Water Gap

Does anyone know of an outfitter near Milford Beach, PA who will shuttle in early October? The National Recreation Area shuttle ends after Labor Day and we have not been able to find an outfitter who will shuttle from Milford Beach to Dingham’s Ferry or further downstream.

did you try
kittatinny canoes?

Kittatinny Canoes
Yes…they only shuttle what they rent. But, if I can’t find an outfitter to shuttle, might call them back again and offer to pay for two kayak rentals to have ours shuttled. The driving distance from Milford Beach to Dingman’s Ferry is only 7.9 miles.

PM Suntan
Here on PNet member Suntan. The Delaware is his backyard. I’d bet he has a few resources.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Thanks, will check it out.