delivery costs usa to uk

anyone give me idea of shipping/air freight costs when purchasing 12’ - 50lb kayak from usa to united kingdom

UPS FedEx or airline could.

I think they have kayaks there


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I think the second response was tongue in cheek, but there is some buried wisdom in it. Are you buying new? Have you talked to any pond-side outfitters about ordering through them? Factory to dealer shipping is generally far more economical than trying to arrange it yourself. I can't imagine any 12' long kayak being unique or valuable enough to justify such an import burden. Venture (a UK manufactured line) makes excellent moderately priced kayaks if you are looking to buy new.

Actually, even if you are intent on arranging this yourself, you might be able to get information on cartage charges and import paperwork and duties from an outfitter -- they would be dealing with this on a regular basis and most don't mind sharing the information (I say this as one who used to work at outfitters).

Yes, there are kayaks in the UK,
So what particular kayak does the OP wish to ship to England/Scotland/Wales or N. Ireland?

If it’s a new model boat, then the OP has presumably checked with the (N. American?) manufacturer that they do/do not have UK or European distributors?

Eddyline Kayaks in the UK
Eddyline has dealers in the UK. Go to the Eddyline website and find out where they are.

Probably more than the kayak is worth
A 12’ rec kayak is worth at most a few hundred bucks and it would probably cost nearly that much to ship one across the pond.

I can’t think why a 12’ kayak worth
shipping would weigh 50 pounds. None of my ww kayaks weigh that much, though one is 12’ 6". I’ll bet with what you save on shipping, you can buy a real decent kayak in the UK.

Put an ad on Craigslist
Perhaps someone will paddle one over.