got this e-mail today. Anybody going?

Registration for the Delmarva Paddlers Retreat is open! Dates for the Retreat are 5-7 Oct 2007 with an option for an “Extended” Delmarva to include 4 Oct.


For information & to register. Space is limited.

Note: Special Guests List on website has been updated with:

Kampe Absalonsen

Kamp does not need an introduction in the QajaqUSA’s circle. He is known as the Senior Competition Judge for the Annual Greenland Kayaking Championship. He is also a vice president of the Qajaq Kattuffiat. He is also the founding member of the Qajaq Illulissat.

Professor Marianne Stenbaek

Professor at McGill University, Quebec; organized the 2005 “Festival of Greenland” in Washington DC. Professor Stenbaek has research interests in mass media, communications in developing areas, and northern studies.

Greg Stamer & Freya Hoffmeister

Greg Stamer, President of QAJAQ-USA, and Freya Hoffmeister, self-styled G-Style Kayaker & World Traveler, will share details on their recent circumnavigation of Iceland. They should have quite a tale to tell having paddled for 33 days, for an average of 66K daily through some challenging water conditions.

Hmmmmm - - Interesting
I may have to go back to Rehoboth Bay for some other issues (Moving inlaws back to Ohio) so I’ll have to keep this date on the calender. Wonder if they would allow some walk-in events???

Good thing it’s in October. Was down there a couple weekends ago, and it was just too damned hot.

hi paul
have already sent in my registration. hope you’ll bring the hunter. john

Interested in Carpooling?
I thought about going but it is a long drive for the weekend. However I am willing to be talked into it as I have friends going from the east coast and it would be nice to meet up with Brian S again.


hi bob
be glad to travel together. will be taking a vw eurovan, leaving from durham. where are you in western nc.

Hey John
Trying to get Tripp to come with me with his Hunter strip built. will you bring the black pearl?


hi paul
yep, will bring the bp, maybe the oi. bill bremer and i’ve talking about trying to meet up with you. he’s wanting to build a sof version of the bp and is interested in your hunter.

My Hunter i not the “Hunter” I modified it so much I can barely call it that. However, if Tripp comes to Delmarva, we will have the definitive “Hunter” in wood strip and that should be the basis for his study.


I am way west in Asheville.

I have a 1935 Sisimuit SOF I built with Brian Schulz last year.


my wife and I have a home in Arden, as well as living in Durham. email me offline, and we can make plans if way opens. be my first time, and am really looking forward to it.

Too far – too muddy.
Maybe next year. Enjoy.

Another Carolinian Planning to Go
My tentative plans are to drive up on Friday, pick-up my new Pete Strand boat on Saturday and then drive back on Sunday. I’ll be looking for all the SC and NC licence plates.