DeLorme bought by Garmin

I love my InReach and hope the program doesn’t change. I like that I can do a one month subscription while on a trip.

I can only hope Garnin
will divulge the Delorme proprietary map format for their PN series GPS

all for the best
for example a new instruction may read:

ACHTUNG eingeben QZ in Register B für den Zugang zu GBYH

clearing that area’s confusion.


I hope they do not jettison the paper
atlases. So much easier to read and so much information at a glance in the backcountry of Maine and Florida… ( and other areas no doubt) but those are the two gazetteers I use the most.

Its folly to travel in some areas without them.

I agree
Those maps are pretty good. I was really disappointed when, for the Wisconsin version, they removed Town, Range, and section lines. When taking notes in the margins, locations described by that method would be pinpointed quite easily. With the new coordinate system that they use, if you don’t have a GPS with you or a calibrated scale, you’re simply out of luck when trying to identify a location. Also, on back-country roads, section lines made it easy to know how many miles you would need to drive, for example, before reaching a particular intersection, and you could then just watch your odometer to know when you get there. Again, with the new system, there is no simple way to determine distance at a glance, and you need to know distances since there often is no other good way to identify particular roads (no road signs, and or no road names provided on the map).

Anyway, I have found so MANY cool places to visit, just by looking through their Gazetteer for my state. Finding the same info online or on any kind of electronic device, if it were even there, is incredibly more tedious.

John Q mapping

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flowed out of handheld GPS and Streets n Trips on my van laptop into Samsung 5 and Iplod cellphone based mapping.

A major reason for the merger. S&T is gone. Micro was kind in allowing a very late download for my S&T just last month. Garmin traded my 76csx for a new 78.

I bought a superior S&T receiver. With the 'new' 2013 S&T issue tripping is AAA BUT ! grabbing the Samsung when I cannah find the new store in Newville, using Google Android software...this is easier. It is easier using MiFi Google maps as if you're careful the material is very fresh/current.

The VR I haven't tried as I'm looking at that as urban walking.

Do you have an Nroute ? now Nroute is especially excellent at maneuvering you thru the woods and over the hills to grandma's.

Nroute plus the university map room's topo drawers with all the old maps before jeeps rutted the landscape.

But say you're looking at East Jawbone n notice several ruins, a prob dam site, a mine icon....enter EJ into Google Maps n follow small image groups right of an interesting EJ image. Often finding, online, a blog or collection from a specialist, interested party, or professional on what is happening at EJ.

That group went thru the maps then published online for your edification.

my unit doahn have register B. dammit.

+1 (kayamedic’s)

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No batteries needed! AND ditto Guideboatguy' can ESTIMATE...and pencil in mileage for turn-offs..or for any new cutting roads(for example).

a pencil ?

what are you driving ? I cannot see the odometer.

The 15 inch Inspiron screen I see.

what are yawl boiling drinking water in ?

Who knew?
I never connected that the InReach folks were the same ones who produced those state atlases.

I too, hope they keep making the atlases, but sadly I would doubt it.

Delorme’s Florida

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Book is excellent, the topos are better.

But paper maps ask you to READ.

Electronic maps are interactive, a game engaging the 'viewer' now player ( friend ? ) to PLAY the electronic map game.

I have one in my hand now writing to you from a van parked on a meadow off the GOM.

Stiff competition for an inert paper book, or a handheld GPS.

But connecting to orbit to people from outback ... underlines your trips connection to EVERYTHING eyyyah aha 'like' how cool is that ? MAX !

I reported going to SpaceX land landing where the homebased/international crowd all held glowing gray rectangles moving thru the dark in a slow dance of we are there in space on the pad in the lot here watching...

I was at the Daytona 24 Hours last week. NASCAR is in...not SpaceX off course but useable.

Inreach should pull handheld GPS.

Only a library buys books

The Gazeteer is

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all we ever have for maps on trips in Maine.

Hopefully they don’t have Uncle Henry’s on the radar- or we’ll b reading it on our “devices”???

I don’t see the distinction
Paper maps ask you to read? What, you don’t have to read all the same details on an electronic map? Electronic devices are interactive? That’s a fancy way of saying that you need to work your way through multi-step menus to see what would already be on the page if the viewing area were of sufficient size. “Interactive” is an advantage?

Sure, some people enjoy being “invited” to “play” with their stuff. If you feel no joy in reading the same stuff on a paper map, that’s your choice. No one has said electronic maps are bad, or even worse. That’s not it at all. But there’s something to be said for not having any need to be plugged-in all the time, something to said for a map that won’t “break” or cease to function in some way, and need replacement at a time when doing so might not be possible.

As to all that hostility of yours toward actually writing things down, I have detailed notes in the margins of my gazetteer, noting locations of places I want to remember, easily described to within about 300 feet (which is close enough) or to within 150 feet if I wish, simply by “eyeballing” the location relative to section lines using the old “quartering” system. To do that well with their new coordinate system, you need electronics. If you think about it, it’s actually pretty cool to be able to nearly duplicate the accuracy of modern electronics without using any tools at all. Anyway, my notes typically take up less space in the margin than a postage stamp, and I don’t have scroll through any menus or open alternate-view pages to see them, AND the location on the map at the same time.

Oh, if nobody buys books anymore, how come Barnes and Noble is by far the busiest store of all the ones that I ever see?

Nobody here is saying electronic maps and GPS operation is bad. That stuff is pretty cool, but the fact that some of us like the convenience and reliability of paper maps doesn’t mean we are wrong and that we need you to tell us so. Oh yeah, everybody on this board except you is wrong about absolutely everything. How could I forget.


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hostility ? B&N ? I write.

B&N is shrinking. Amazon threatens...maybe.

Problem is time. After I fool with this laptop no time is left for reading. Copy net material shut off laptop internet n read from Word. I'm reading gravity waves.

Garmin looks toward going into an oil research niche on a 2 wheel drive motorcycle.

We see people 'watching' TV. Now they 'watch/interact with Iplod. That is a step up there.

For us and jet pilots asper not seeing the odometer and driving, electronic mapping is instantaneous...harhahrharhar...and well lit.

Extremely accurate when yaw visually missed that intersection. Come on tell us how many missed intersections penciling ?

Consider the cornering lights. Favorably received for the St Johns floodplain commuters into Daytonah. Good for Maine Moose counts.!topic/

Everyone agrees with you about what ? The post is abt Garmin merging. Garmin merged.

I see Gopro is tanking. ? I doahn have a GoPro. Nothing I do is transmittable beyond stills. Takes too much time. No double paddle float ex with Rita. She wants $$$

You are statistically stable. There are only 4 of you. The forum is safe.