Delorme pn-20 - anyone tried it?

I just stumbled across the new delorme pn-20 GPS. It looks very nice. Seems pretty waterproof (ipx-7), lanyard, tons of maps built-in including color satellite. It has tides as well, but I’m not sure about the quality of the maps as kayaking charts. I plan on checking one out soon since I live near delorme. Anyone looked at one or tried one out for kayaking purposes?


Just got one recently
The image quality is very nice. I’ve had some technical problems with downloading maps, and interfacing. It also seems unduly complicated to use. Then again, I’m moving up from a very basic Garmin Etrex with very limited capabilities. In short, I haven’t had enough time with it to sort these issues out and decide whether it was a good buy or not.

What is it with academics & DeLorme’?
The only other person I know who has one is also a professor!

How good is the
coastal information on the maps? I’m wondering about depths for instance - showing areas that are exposed at low tide around coastal areas including islands. Too bad about it being so complicated. I’ve never used a GPS before so I don’t know if that’s a pro or con. :wink:

They market to the academic market
I actually purchased it for a local history project–identifying the original homesteads on land that was turned into a park and the owners were forced to sell.

I’m inland
The maps are satellite with topo and road overlays. I’m probably not the best to give you advice, as my experience with GPS is fairly limited.