Delphin II 155 whitewater?

I know several people have experience with the Delphin 155 in whitewater; is it capable of handling easy grade III rapids?

From my previous thread, I’m between it and the Hammer for my next boat. I’d much prefer the Delphin for the flatwater sections I’ll encounter.

No bites?

I should specify, I’m wondering if it would be an adequate boat in larger rivers where rapids will be encountered but could be portaged, or would I be better served with the Hammer and dealing with the low speed on the flats?

It’s not the boat, it’s your skill set. With the proper skill set you can run class 3 in most anything. On the Dog (Ontario - North shore of Superior) we had two pretty standard poly toring sea kayaks along. I know of a paddler who has run the Class 2 - 3 section of the National White Water Center course (Charlotte North Carolina) in a 16.5’ wood strip sea kayak.

Delphin and Hammer could both handle Class III rapids with the right paddler. But, that paddler would have well above average skills to be able to do so. Strong roll and lots of experience (likely years) in moving water are two things that paddler would have to have, IMHO.

That’s exactly what I was wondering… not whether I could take it out on class III next week, but whether the boat could handle it when I could. Basically I’m not looking to play in the rapids, just to be able to eventually make it through them in one piece.

Sounds like the Delphin is the boat for me, thanks!

Here are a couple clips of James Manke , when he did Grand Canyon; with The Hurricane Riders. He paddled a Delphin 155, for that trip. He paddled a Delphin for years, in lots of big water. He is a very talented paddler. He is now a sponsored paddler for Tahe and Zegul Kayaks.

Awesome videos, thanks for that!

Nice to know I’ll be the limiting factor long before the boat is. I went ahead and placed the order!

The Delphin is a very fun boat. :slight_smile: