Delphin vs Romany Surf

Which boat is better: Delphin 155 or Romany Surf. Currently have two NDK Explorers, a Capella 166 and a couple others not as noteworthy. Looking for next boat that will have a little more “surf” personality to it. Suggestions please.


better for what?
It sounds like you already have a capable boat for longboat surfing. If you’re looking for a dedicated surfboat, seadart probably has the ticket.

Try 'em.
They’re different boats, though both surf better than other sea kayaks. The Delphin seems to be able to drop in on steeper stuff than the Surf can manage. The Surf has a day hatch, which I wish the Delphin had. The surf is a little roomier if that matters.

Are you comparing RM surf to the Delphin? If so, then coaming leakage is an issue with the Surf. (If you’re looking at the glass Surf, then not an issue.)

Try em, see what you like.

Have not tried the Romany Surf…but
The skeg adjustment on all the P&H boats I’ve tried is really bad. So as much as we like the Delphin, we decided that we would have to replace the skeg even if we bought a new boat. Seems a shame for a boat that is so wonderful in all other ways.