Delta 12.10 selected

Started demoing Kayaks in March and after lots of reading reviews and trying out Tsunami 120,125,140 Elie Sport 140 ES and the Delta 12.10 my wife and I have ordered two Delta 12.10 kayaks. Tracks a little less straight than 14 ft boats but much more responsive than any of the other boats we tried out.(Ordering one of those strap on skegs for under 50 bucks to try on the Delta)The Delta turns the easiest of the boats we demoed(except with rudder down on 14 ft boats).Very stable and only 43 lbs to load on roof rack. Also IMO much better looking boat and has a high volume for the 12 ft 10 " length.The thing that really sold me was when you stroke the paddle the boat takes off. Not the relatively sluggish getting up to speed of the other boats.I will admit that the phase 3 seat in the WS boats was superior and more adjustable than the seat in the Delta.Elie Straight also has a comfortable seat.


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A very good choice. The important thing is that you took the time and effort to research and especially test paddle the boats you were interested in.

Once you work on your paddle strokes and edging I doubt you will even need the skeg attachment.

The relatively light weight of the Delta will be most welcome when loading on and off your vehicle!

Depending on your builds you may or may not find the cockpit to be a bit loose. Delta now offers hip pad fit kits for their boats. Something to consider down the road.


Delta 12.10
Congrats on your purchase! I have the Delta 12.10 also and it is an awesome little boat. You might want to add a swoosh cushion…it really helps.

Excellent choice
I’ve been looking for a used Delta 12.10, to use as a light little pond boat for quick getaways.

I think the 12.10 is unique. You’re quite right that it takes off quickly and has surprising glide for such a small boat. It was the only Delta that I liked at a demo—the 14 and 15 move like tanks, in my opinion. (The 16 is another class and is said to be a great boat.) I would describe the 12.10 as zippy. Definitely better than its Hurricane and Swift competition in many ways.

I don’t think you will need any type of skeg with the Delta. Are you new to kayaking? Over time you will learn to keep the kayak on track using your paddle and leaning the boat. Skegs and rudders slow you down.

The Delta seat is actually better than many. I too liked the Elie Straight seat.

Have fun! I’ll take your used Delta off your hands when you’re ready for something longer. :slight_smile:

swoosh cushion?
What the heck is swoosh cushion and where can I check one out.Thanks for the confirmation on the delta choice!


Congrats on your Delta purchase. As a proud owner of a 12.10 and the Delta 16, you will love these boats. Think you will find that you will not need the skeg on the 12.10, it tracks nicely for a 13’ boat and turns on a dime.

Have fun with them!

Question for you about Delta
I’m confused by their design strategy. The 12 and the 16 seem like real winners. I really disliked the 14 and 15—terribly slow and lumbering, especially the 15. The success of their designs seems inconsistent. Your thoughts?

The 12’10, 14.5 and 15.5 are all 24.5" wide. It looks like the same hull stretched to different lengths, which would simply add wetted surface and therefore drag as they get longer.

The 16’ boat is 22" wide and seems like a different design. So it sounds like you like the 16’ because it’s slender, and of the other three, prefer the 12’10" because it has markedly lower drag than the others.

I have heard the analogy of the mini van of kayaks referring to the Delta 14.5 and 15.5, which is probably somewhat true. They are wider boats with a fair amount of rocker with fairly high decks, that carry a lot of gear.

The 16 has a shallow v hull with harder chines, a longer water line that gives it great speed in catching waves, better tracking and comfortable touring speed.

The 22" width and hull design make it very responsive, yet I find it very stable, predictable and responsive. I also own a QCC 600, which is a totally different boat ( and I love that boat as well), but if I had one boat to grab as an all around boat, the Delta16 is my go to kayak.

Maybe that’s it
I’ve never actually paddled the 16, but have heard great things about it, identical to what Sheld reports. A friend told me it wasn’t hard going from a 24" kayak to the 22" Delta 16 because of the stability.

To compare Delta and Eddyline, I think the Delta 12.10 handles better than the short Eddylines, but the Eddyline Journey is definitely faster than the Delta 14 and 15. Does the Deltas’ greater volume in the bow and stern work against them? I wish the Eddyline Journey had more volume in the bow and stern—it sits very low in the water and you have to pack carefully for camping, but maybe the low ends contribute to its speed?

It’s also possible that I’m not strong enough to paddle the Delta 14 and 15 at their ideal speed, but I doubt it. They’re just slugs, especially the 15. But I was just reading a post somewhere at pnet about how nicely the shorter boats paddle at lower speeds.

tracking for Delta 12.10
Well I now have a total of 18 miles paddled in the new Delta 12.10. My impression is that as I become more experienced it will become more intuitive to keep tracking straight by paddle stroke and leaning technique.

I did notice considerable tendency for the stern of the boat to be easily pushed around by a breeze off the stern or beam.I fashioned a plastic test skeg (semicircle 5" deep and 12" long ) which I attached using cam straps just behind the cockpit as to not interfere with opening the rear hatch. There was a huge improvement in tracking and initial stability with minimal drag. The boats still turns on a dime with leaning. I believe that the very slight drag is compensated for by not having to put so much energy into tracking straight. The yawing that seems to rob forward momentum is much less pronounced with the keg attached.

I Will order the Feather Craft strap-on skeg since my test skeg snapped off when beaching the boat for lunch. I plan to use in all but totally calm conditions.

Aside from the tracking, I am totally happy with the boat.It is stable,high volume,lots of totally dry hatch volume,reasonably fast(3-3.5 mph), responsive,highly maneuverable and light weight.Design seems to naturally surf any speed boat wake I

encounter(good fun). The bow just lifts up and over the waves taken on a 90 or 45 degree to the bow .No problem taking the wakes on the beam either. IMO she is a real pretty boat too.