Delta 12s performance weight

Recently bought a delta 12s before I read about the difference between performance weight and maximum weight capacity.
It’s maximum capacity is only rated to 220lbs. I weigh 170 and would bring about 15lbs of gear with me. Could I expect a kayak like this to perform well loaded up to 185 or do I need to upgrade to something bigger? There is a review on this website for the 12s with a 180lb individual saying they love the kayak.

There are several factors with what weight you can safely paddle with or that the kayak performs well enough with, fist would be the weather and it’s effect on the water.
That being said, as you reach the load limit you can expect to ride low in the water, so anything but flat gets more exciting.
Also with you sitting low in the water you are reaching the maximum amount of hull in the water. Maximum hull in the water is maximum resistance so you may notice the difference in both moving the kayak and in turning the kayak.

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Well, 185 pounds seems far enough below 220 to be within the right weight range.
If you usually top out at 185, I think it sounds fine — certainly worth paddling for a season to see how it goes.

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Should be fine. I would trust a rating from Delta Kayaks