Delta 15.5 kayak... any reviewers?

I know couple of peaple on here that already have this boat. I will be taking a look at it this coming weekend and hopefylly going home with it.

How do you guys like it or dislike it?

I have the Delta 14.5 expedition. I really like it. I tried a friends 15.5 expedition liked it too but my preferance was the 14.5


delta kayak
I just purchased the Delta 12.10. I’m 72 and wanted a lighter weight boat. It is very light and appears well made. Both bulkheads leaked slightly, but should be easy to repair. Top speed for me was 4.9mph. I’m 6’2", 220 lbs, and it fit very well. Stability is excellent (compared to a CD Pachena and a Swift Saranac 14.6). Its shallow v shape seems a little deeper than the Eddyline boats I’ve tried. Comfortable cruising for me was about 3.8mph. Tracking was pretty good. It was a calm day, so I don’t know how it will be effected by wind. All in all, I like it and intend to keep it.