Delta 16/17 for large paddler?

Hey guys,

I’m looking for some input on the Delta 16 and 17. I am a big guy 6’ 2" 260 42’" waist. I really like the look and features of the boats but unfortunately I cant try one on around me. I have been paddling a Tempest 180, Focus 155, and a Delphin 155. They all work decent more me. I am not sure how the cockpits of these compare to the Deltas. Does anyone have any experience with these to compare? Any large guys paddling a Delta boat?

Thanks in advance!

I did a 3 hour rental paddle in the old style 17 and am pretty close to you just a little heavier. It was a decent day boat if I recall but I didn’t care for the hull. I found it rolled from side to side a lot with my paddling style (rookie). I’d love to try the new one. I own a Delta 18.5 and think it’s a great boat for big guys. Better waterline than a Tsunami 175 and much nicer cockpit (no high deck). Putting the seat back allows a butt first entry and still decent contact with the thigh braces. Sliding the seat forward locks you in tight. Huge hatches and volume allow you to bring whatever you want camping gear wise. I’ve had an estimated 400lbs in mine and it rode pretty low. With a measured 350lbs it paddled normal. Definitely demo that 17 and get some reference pictures of your waterline to see if you have room for gear. I also own an Assateague and find it to be a good day boat at 275. I imagine at 240lbs it would be good for light camping like a Delta 17.

How was the entry on the 17 compared to the 18.5? It appears that they have the same size cockpit. Do you know if that initial stability issue was addressed in the new hull design?

For some reason I thought the 17’s cockpit opening was a little narrower than the 18.5 but still a very good fit. The boat was actually very stable and I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that as the issue was likely on my end. Keep in mind I was just renting it and didn’t try any rescues or anything. I find that’s where cockpit fit really comes to light. If it’s the same as the 18.5 then it’s perfect, I do have the fit kit in my 18.5 though.

I just realized you’re the same guy from last year. Hopefully you find what you are looking for and good to see you are still into the sport. If I recall you were also looking for plastic last year. Just a note to say Dagger released a new boat called the Stratos that appears to be a good fit for bigger guys. Much shorter boat but hard to touch that price point.

Yeah that’s me. Was full steam ahead last year…then the wife got pregnant. :slight_smile:

I was looking at poly’s but really like the look of the fiberglass boats. But not quite ready to make that big of an investment. I just recently came across the ABS boats. Seems like a nice balance.