Delta 16 kayak review.. anyone??

I am looking at these boats and cannot find a review by anyone enywhere. They seem to be built solid and have a nice feel to them. I also like that they are made from “plstic like” material thats stronger then glass etc. If anyone has any experience with these or would not mind checking out their website please post back your opinions.

I am looking at the expedition model.



Not yet available
The Delta 16 is not yet available. The 18 has just gone into production and the 17 will be shipping within the next 2-3 weeks. I’ve been told that the 16 will be available at the end of this summer.

Obviously, I haven’t paddled the 16 but I have paddled the prototypes for both the 18 and the 17. My personal preference is the 17 – it’s a hard chine hull that is plenty stiff and is very responsive. The 18 has had some revisions since the prototype – I’m looking forward to paddling the new version.

Both of these boats have lots of storage space for gear, paddle well and are remarkably durable.


Thank you for that.
I recently at a show saw the 15.5 and fit me wonderfully. The guy was telling me that the 16 was going to be on sale come spring and they already have pricing for it etc. so i figured that might be even better fit. I think I will be looking more into this boat when the time comes.

delta 15.5
I just received my delta 15.5 sport. If you think 15.5 and 16 are similar they are not. The 15.5 is a 24.5" wide very stable craft. I believe the 16 will be a narrow more high performance.

I like the stability of the 15.5, and got the sport which is 1" lower than expedition, and did not need any more stowage room.

I just peeled off the shrink wrap last nite! It’s very well put together and thermoplastic is very light. Can’t wait to put in!

Good luck.

let me know how she does…
… please !!! I am looking to purchase as soon as I can paddle them (ice goes out around here).

thank you

Quite correct
Yes, the Delta 16 is not the same hull shape as the Delta 14.5 or 15.5 (which has a V hull).

Both the Delta 16 and 17 are hard chine boats with a narrower beam. As maddog mentions, the 16 and 17 are designed for more advanced paddlers who want a sportier, more responsive kayak. The 16 and 17 will be available with a skeg or rudder.

Maddog, please let us know your impressions of the 15.5 once you’ve had a chance to paddle it.


first impressions of delta 15.5 sport
After 1st paddle of the Delta 15.5 sport, I can say that it lives up to what I wanted. Keep in mind I am between novice/intermediate, and use in inland waters of puget sound. I wanted stability over speed, and ability to self rescue. I was confident hopping 2-3 ft wakes no problem. The TP material makes it very light to hoist on a roof, but the 24.5 beam makes it somewhat bulky. Bungies and straps are very functional, although forward grab handle knot popped out on first grab. gas pedals and rudder functioned well, and track nice even with rudder out of water. Seat adjustments and comfort were excellent. It works great for my needs, but if you want more speed you should look at other models.