Delta 16

Has anybody had experience with the Canadian company Delta and their shorter/playful boat the Delta 16? Quality of construction? Speed for a shorter boat? Maneuverability? Ability to hold a larger (220+) paddler without being sunk to deep into the water? Comparisons to Eddylines Fatham?

No Deltas near me now, but supposedly one might show up later.

Re: Delta
I have a Delta 12.10 and it’s a great little boat…fast and manuverable. I have not tried the 16 though, but the quality of the 12.10 is excellent. I even dropped it once and it was unscathed, so these boats are both attractive and tough. I ordered mine through REI.

There’s great footage of a Delta 16 playing a hero’s role in Skookumchuck tidal race. I think it’s the Hurricane Rider’s video.

Not much help for choosing a boat, but fun to watch! :slight_smile:

reveiw in Wavelength
There is a review of one of them in the Fall 2009 issue of Wavelength. It can be downloaded for free at

Delta 16
I own a Delta 16 and a Delta 12.10. The 16 is quick, agile and a pleasure to paddle. The boat edges very nicely, tracks wonderfully with the skeg slightly deployed. It has handled choppy water very well, moves right through the swells and waves. I have only had it out 4 times, since I purchased it in December and still getting to know it, but I have a huge grin everytime I go out these days. I also own a Prijon Motion. Having two day hatches on this boat, it would be tough going back to just the one rear.

That being said, I am 5’9 160# and the boat fits me well with some room. I do not think you would want to be much more than 6’1 or so as it might get tight. It is made for small to medium sized paddlers, but could be a good playboat for larger paddlers.