Delta 16

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Looking at a used 2009 Delta 16. Took one out for an hour test and I liked it alot. Good fit, good contact. Tracks really well yet turns very well with leaning (edging?) (which im just starting to experiment with)

I believe this was the first year that Delta came out with the 16. Were there any issues with this first year model that I should be aware of ? The 2012s sell for 2500 new and this one (which is in like new condition, exept for "tight" skeg cable when pulling up) is going for 1675.

Looking for a comfortable kayak with a nice cruising speed from which I can learn skills and take lessons in.

I will also be trying out a Tempest 170 and 165, but the feel of the Delta is better so far. I have just sat in the Temspests so far. 170 a little loose once inside, 165 is very tight getting into. The test drive will tell

This guy that goes out paddling with us the odd time has a 2011 delta 16 and loves it. Its not super fast but seems to have a good glide with minimal effort.

The only difference i know of from 2009 is that they dropped the rear day hatch and made the rear compartment larger. I dont know about issues with that year, but the 2011 has been just fine.

Delta 16
I own a first year Delta 16, still own it, still love it!

Of the other two boats I own, a Prijon Motion and QCC600, the Delta is my go to boat, it does it all very well.

The only issue I had was the seat design was different from the other Delta boats. On that particular model, I found it squeaked terribly when edging or shifting weight. I contacted Delta and they sent me their re-designed seat for the 16, no problems since.

Since owning the Delta 16, I have paddled many other boats, but none I have found to match the all around paddling pleasure I have enjoyed with my 16.

What, in particular, do you prefer in
Delta 16 vs the QCC 600X?

Is it the maneuverability/playfulness or the shorter length, or something else?

Yes, no kidding…when I took the 16 for a test paddle it was squeaking constantly…or not really a squeak but a crackling. It did not drive me crazy for the hour i was out or anything, but i knew it was there. maybe shimming foam between pan and hull…

Delta 16
You are welcome, if it did not drive you crazy it would eventually. Takes a lot of the Zen out of a quiet morning!

The original seat had the sliding rails situated on the high sides of the cockpit, the revised version places them like the rest of the Delta’s, along the bottom inside of the hull. Delta was great about getting a new seat and rail kit to me, no charge.

Delta 16 vs the QCC 600X

Both are really nice boats, but apples and oranges in comparison for me.

I had the Delta first, but wanted a faster, bit bigger boat for distance touring, thus the QCC. The QCC is longer and lighter than the Delta. It is very efficient paddling, but is not as playful as the Delta. I find the QCC paddles fast and effectively with the rudder system (more rudder dependent) and it can hold a lot of gear. The Delta is quick and exhilarating, it feels like an extension of my body and maneuvers as such. Both are great boats with distinct personalities, but if I was taking one boat out for a variety of conditions, it would be the Delta.

Feel free to drop me an email if you would like to discuss in detail.

Thanks for that info.
I’m more into playful boats, these days. I also appreciate light weight.

I’ll try to test paddle a Delta 16 sometime.