Delta kayaks

I’m in the market for my first ever kayak. I live in the Washington, D.C. Area and am interested in the 10.5 Delta sit on top because of its light weight. Anyone have experience with this kayak and have a clue where to buy one? I’ve emailed and called the folks at Delta but they are unresponsive.


Got an REI near ya?

Delta kayak
Thanks. They don’t sell that model and can’t special order. They told me to call delta!

I did a review of the Delta 10.5 Catfish sit inside for California Kayaker Magazine (can be read online at - issue #7) and have paddle a few other models. Overall, decent kayaks IMHO.

But if you can’t find them near you, you may want to look for a dealer that carries Wilderness Systems or Eddyline. Both of them also have thermoformed boats (what makes the Deklta products lighter than other rotomolded SOTs), including some SOTs.

Hurricane Skimmer
Check the Hurricane Skimmer 116. Just a tad heavier, but still very light for a SOT.

delta kayak
Thanks! I had my eye on the Hurricane but liked the stability of the cat hull on the Delta. I might end up doing the Hurricane. Not sure how Delta stays in business if people can buy their products!

I’ve paddled the Delta 10,
the Hurricane Skimmer 116, and I own a Hurricane Skimmer 128.

It has been several years since I demoed the Delta 10, but I was not at all tempted to buy one. I recall it seemed slow, unresponsive.

Both the Skimmer 116 and 128 are great SOTs, fast, light weight, very quiet, dry ride—I’ve never used a scupper plug in mine. Plenty of storage.

Hurricane is a good company that backs up what they sell. I have a lot of respect for their products and their customer service.

Did you look at the link I posted?
Its from the Delta site and shows all their American dealers

delta kayak
Thanks. I saw the list and called REI. No luck. I’ve tried Boston Paddle Sports and they will call me back to see if they can special order.

Check out ACK

Not sure if they carry Delta, but a trip there is definitely worth it: you can demo on the water most of what they have in stock (and it is quite a lot). Good folks to work with, good prices too!

I was just up there and don’t recall any Deltas. One could always call first, of course.

Nice shop either way.