Demo a CD Extreme HV

Does anyone know where in NW FL (or anywhere in the SE for that matter) where I can demo a Current Designs Extreme HV? If someone in the Destin/FWB/Pensacola area would let me take theirs out for a spin, I’d appreciate it! :wink:

Current Designs Dealers
I’m not sure if anyone in the Panhandle is a dealer for Current Designs. If not, check in with the folks at Massey’s Outdoors in SE Louisiana ( They have a store in Covington (between Baton Rouge and the Mississippi state line) just off of I-12 and in Metairie (suburban New Orleans). I’ve been told that the Metairie store can arrange demos by appointment…providing they have the model you are looking for in stock.

Florida Dealers

The Current Designs site shows 2 dealers in the Panhandle, 1 in Milton and 1 in Panama City. If these guys can’t help you, try the guys in Louisiana I mentioned above.

high foredeck
sure screams for some back yard mods. Under deck attic accessible through the cockpit or a flip up fordeck gun bay for carbide cannon.

Thanks! I’ll check them out!