Demo Delta kayaks in SF Bay Area?

Anybody know where I might find and demo a Delta 12.10 kayak in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Clavey in Petaluma is the only Delta dealer I know of. Aquan in San Carlos had them for a short while, but no longer carry them and I think have sold off any inventory.

I can find out who the rep is, if you’d like, if Clavey can’t help you. Then maybe when he is in town he can bring that boat for you to try.

OK, makes sense
I heard the same from Aquan. Forgot about Clavey. Have to call them and see if it’s possible up there. Thanks.

Delta 12.10
I just purchased a 12S from Clavey and they did have a 12.10 in stock as well.

Enjoy it!

Please give me a review
I’m eager to figure out what will be my next kayak. This one is a possibility.

Delta 12S
I owned a 12.10 for several years, I loved the boat, found it to be a great lightweight boat that could go just about anywhere. My problem with it was the cockpit was just too big for me at 5’9" and 150#. I purchased a Delta 16 and it fits like a glove and I love the front day hatch. The 16 is my go to boat among the others I own.

When Delta advertised they were coming out with the 12S for the mid to smaller framed paddler, I was very interested. After speaking with folks at Delta I placed an order with Scotto at Clavey. I love the 12S, all the great stability, great handling of the 12.10, the fit and comfort of my 16 plus a day hatch and at only 38# it is a joy to get on and off your vehicle and can shoulder anywhere to launch. Handles great out in Monterey bay, the surf, No problem.

Great! and also
Can you tell me how it handled in ocean, open bay, the rougher stuff that usually requires the longer boats? I ask because I’d like to have the capability of doing that, but it’s not going to be my big thing, nor is it happening at first. I need something very stable to graduate from my rec boat, while still providing the capacity to learn and go beyond the sloughs and flat water I usually paddle. Your detailed impressions would be most helpful.

FWIW, I’m 5’11" and long legged with big feet at 195 lbs., so a bigger cockpit is in order for me, especially with a hip replacement. Getting in and out easily is a plus.

You will definately want to go with the Delta 12.10.

The new models come with the front day hatch (See Canoe and Kayak 2014 boat issue)

12.10 is great in bigger water out of Santa Cruz and Monterey. My 16 is great out there too, but purchased the 12S because of the weight, but also because it performs very similar to the 12.10 and I was always very comfortable in that boat in the open water, little extra stability and can’t beat the manuverability. Was just out of Moss Landing harbor couple weeks ago in open water out there after doing Elkhorn slough and it was great!

Did you try
their Native Watercraft Inuit models when you were up there? They get similar write ups for similar sizes and I know Clavey has been renting and carrying them.

Thanks for the info!