Demos in South Jersey

While reading reviews for the Tsunami 125 kayak (dated 7/25/08)NewPApadder mentions going to South Jersey to demo a lot of different kayaks. Does anyone know where and when this demo takes place. I am looking to purchase new this year and this sounds like the place to check out a lot of different models.

Thanks in advance for any help.

It might be de Ocean County Parks event
usually in June. Here be an old 2007 notice of dis annual event.


Ocean County Parks Event
THANK YOU for putting the link up! Sounds like a good time.

i consider ocean county central jersey
but i live down near atlantic city expressway. however, you may try belhaven paddlesports which is near altantic city. 800 445 0953 also, look up darren’s nj paddlezone which is a great sit of nj paddlers.

check Jersey Paddler

Thanks to one and all for the great info this will help alot


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If your looking in south Jersey you might consider Belhaven. They stock the Tsunami (I have a 125)and will let you demo them right there. They also carry Necky, Current Design, Dagger,ect. They will go out of their way to please you. My wife and I asked for specific models to try and what we didn't see out front in the show room or among the demos they somehow found. Excellent service!


Belhaven & Jersey Paddler
Belhaven in the past has done a demo day every year, with all the manufacturers they sell represented. The event was free in the past, and you could test out any boat and any paddle they had lined up on the beach. I’m not sure what their normal demo policy is but they will let you demo any time.

Jersey Paddler is another great shop - they’ll let you demo up to 3 boats at time for $15, and if you buy the $15 gets credited to your purchase. They won’t let you demo in cold weather/water unless you own and bring the proper protective clothing.

Both are excellent shops with knowledgeable staff. I’ve had a very good customer service experience at Jersey Paddler, I’ve only visited Bel Haven for the demo days.

Another thumbs up for Belhaven. You can demo on a lake right behind the store. A family business that gives great one on one customer service. Nice people.

The Paddle Shack
Don’t forget to look at the Paddle Shack. George is a wonderful person to deal with. He is located in Mays Landing, NJ.


Thanks Again
Look like I will be planning a road trip to Jersey. Thanks again for all the great sugggestions. You folks are the best.