Denso tape question

I’m interested in trying denzo/denso tape for emergency kayak (hole)repairs. But Denso has about 100 different kinds of tape and I don’t know which one is the “right” one. Two of the lines include petrolatum tapes (about 7-8 different kinds) and Bitumen/Butyl tapes (also 7-8 different kinds). Can anyone provide some advice about which one to use? Thanks.


it’s one of the bitumen
cause we call it bitchyouman its such a pita to get all over the place.

some of us have gone to the window flashing…works well too…just need to warm it up next to your bod or rub it tween your hands a bit before putting it over the hole.

gutter repair tape
NOT as quick as Denzo BUT way more bomber.


Yep and available at Home Depot.

construction flashings
Hey Rick- From the homebuilding industry that I know abit about- vycor brand bituminous peel and stick flashing is the best- the stickiest and best adhering if you are certain to warm it before application to the hole in the boat, and clean off the salt water from the boat with an alcohol prep pad and paper towel before sticking the stuff on. Works OK for holes up to the size of your fist, beyond that you will want to put a layer inside as well as outside, and perhaps add a piece of cut-up milk carton between the two layers. I’ve got a story behind that first-hand knowledge that I’ll tell you. The vycor brand is not available around my place (virginia) at the big box stores- you need to go to a business that specializes in sales to roofing contractors. Hope to see you in Georgia. Cheers-K

Thanks for the info
I think I’m going to go with the flashing. I’ve had a couple of emails telling me that this stuff is relatively easy to work with on the water and that it really holds well. Kevin found out that the specific stuff he recommended is Grace Vycor Plus Self-Adhered Flashing. It comes in 75 ft rolls (!!) of 4" 6", 9" or 12". I can get it at a local roofing supply place. Thanks again.

The Vycor is very thin , very sticky …

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...... peel away the wax paper as you apply it .
If you try to pull the paper off all at once and then place it , there is a good chance it will get all stuck to itself before you can get it in place .

I think I have some extra around , "if" I do , I can send you a piece in a large mailer envelope so you experiment with some before you go and buy a roll , it's expensive stuff .

Drop a email if you want some to test out .

Another option for a good temp.patch is high quality "metal duct tape" with the nylon weaving built in , sticks like mad and is tough ..
This metal duct tape is nothing like regular duct tape ..

Here’s the aluminum foil tape that I
used to repair a crack in the hull of my carbonlite 2000 construction Mad River Slipper:

The crack was on the bottom of the hull. I did fill the crack first with super glue and then put the foil tape over the outside of the hull.

My hull was completely dry when I applied it, so I don’t know how it would stick to a wet surface or if applied under water.

This tape does stick tenaciously and didn’t show any signs of coming off after two or three outings.

The actual foil skin of the tape is pretty thin, so I don’t know how it would hold up to repeated scrapings over rocks.

This foil is paintable.

Denso Tape

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