Dented royalex - fix or don't fix?

I recently acquired a 14yo OT Penobscot that has been pretty beat up but still quite usable (price was right). I could just use it the way it is (as I already have), but I figured I might as well fix it up as much as I can on the cheap. There is a pretty big dent on the stern stem of the boat. It’s crinkled in and bent over to one side a bit just above the water line with a light load. I have no way of knowing how long it’s been that way.

So - is it worth it or even possible to straighten this out on an older hull such as this? If so - how do I go about it?

Rolex is an expensive watch.

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--I'd definitely fix it.
Oh wait aminute...You meant a canoe.

When Royalex appeared in the 70s,
we were always told that such damage could be fixed with a heat gun. However, I haven’t heard a lot about successful fixes. Because your step is crumpled outside and inside, you would have to get the inside and outside hot enough to mold it back toward the original form. I would be reluctant to undertake such a project without on site help from someone with experience fixing Royalex with heat.

I hope Eric Nyre sees this post. He probably has experience with heat gun fixes.