Depression 16 Comes to Visit

Well, looks like the season isn’t over yet Depression 16, tropical storm by the weekend is coming for a visit.

( Where I attempted to post the NOAA link)

Of course this might never get posted seems that links to information is now spam as flagged by the community.

It seems that 22 of my posts that were acceptable in the past and had good solid information are now inappropriate.

My feeling at this time is,“I’m done.”

I felt the same at first. Sort of a shocking change. I am getting the hang of it some now, and think a day or two to debug the stuff is understandable. I have enjoyed your posts in the past, and your shared knowledge.

@Overstreet. Not the community doing the flagging but a quite ridiculous spambot which flags terms like “roof rack” as spam. Trust this is a bug that will be resolved.

I am out of Moderator but can second Rookie that no person is going to flag a NOAA link. The more comprehensive a computerized Spambots is, the more training it needs to work right. Most of the newer web related tools are more powerful. So the puppy has to be trained on how to think.

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@Overstreet - this was covered a couple of other places already but the spam issue should be resolved now. Like @Celia said, we need to train the puppy and this puppy got a overly excited, and maybe peed on the floor a bit. :astonished: