I plan to paddle for several days at sea and do not think can take enough water on board my kayak.

Can someone please recommend me a hand pump Desalinator?


Expensive and low yield
I have looked at them, but decided not to go that route for myself. I paddle a 17 foot sea kayak, and have carried 5 gallons of water with no trouble. If I did need a way to desalinate sea water I would use a pressure cooker and copper tubing. Much less expensive, but you do need to make a fire and keep it burning.

Galapagos Islands
For a trip like that my suggestion won’t work. I would do a search of equipment list for what has been used by some of the long distant open water crossings to see what has been used.


an anchored yacht.

know my MSR 10L Dromedary system ? velcroed to inside hull/keel.

Trims and rolls well in Solstice Titan.

From Baja, never read a positive comment on hand pumping desalinators. Not current on the CF Atlantic paddlers.

A gravity bag desalinator.

Enough for a 75’ pilot house…

Galapagos Islands
Interesting idea to travel from Ecuador to Galapagos, I know Tupac Yupanqui may have done this in the 15th century, but even though the winds blow the right direction not a lot of evidence anyone has made the trip. That would lead me to be very suspicious about trying it and knowing that the early explorers who found the island many in their company died of thirst. I read “In the Heart of the Sea” the story of some whalers who were shipwrecked and sailed in small boats to the mainland of south america. You might be interested in hearing their stories.

Also I assume you have heard of Ed Gillet who paddled from California to Hawaii, he has several writings on the internet that are an interesting read.