Design Intent of the Lincoln Monhegan

I am brand new to this forum. But you folks have already been incredibly helpful. I probably have several hours into reading your various discussions, opinions, and knowledge transfers. THANK YOU!

OK -what do you know about the Lincoln Monhegan? As a previous poster noted, there is not a lot of information about it out there (by attaching the catalog cut I probably have just doubled the info available). I want to know why someone would choose it. In other words, what did the designer have in mind when they created the model?

The dimensions are very comparable to a CD Solstice GT. Like the Solstice GT, it is a bit short on aspect ratio to be a FSK. But the Monhegan is quite a bit lighter than even the Kevlar version and that makes it interesting.

I have read that Lincolns are finely crafted. Some note that they are big and “hard to wear.” Still others say that they were ahead of their time. Every now & then I read about a workmanship problem. TBH, I am not sure what to make of it all.

Did you have one or know someone who did? Please tell!

Lincoln Monhegan

I know a couple of people with similar-sized Lincoln Eggemoggins, but haven’t seen a Monhegan. Like those older “Eggs”, the specs indicate that the Monhegan has a fairly short cockpit at 28.5 inches. Otherwise, the Monhegan’s huge 15.75 inch depth, largeish 23 inch width and low rocker make it look like a high volume cargo hauler. It could accommodate larger paddlers except that the cockpit might be tougher for big folks to get their knees into.

Thank you, Wolf. That description fits the CD Solstice HVGT well confirming my initial thinking. Amazing that it can be that big and so light.