Design/Shape of Chota Mukluk Light?

This is probably the most trivial post of the night… but I’m curious…

I have a pair of Chota Mukluk Lights. I’m happy with them but have no idea why they all have a really loose fit behind the calf.

It’s not for fatter people, as the rest of the boot fits great, but even with a wet or dry suit and a pair of socks, it seeme “baggy” just behind the calf, beginning above the achilles tendon, but nowhere else.

Everyone I know who owns them has the same question about the strange fit. The foot section is perfect…

Does anyone know of a logical reason why they’re cut this way? Thanks!

it’s to allow…
you to get your foot in. Most high top boots have a straight tube to the heel. They don’t stretch much,and when you pull them on your leg doesn’t bend backwards to allow your foot to go around the corner,so to speak. Lace up or zipper boats open up more to allow that. Common sense.


Maybe that’s why…
But the NRS Boundary Boot (link below) is a similar boot that is narrow/tapered all the way down… Neoprene bends/stretches pretty well, so I’m not convinced that’s the reason…

I agree with you that it makes it easier to put on, but seems like it would hold a ton of water if you went for swim.

Cost and efficiency
Probably because it is cheaper and faster to manufacture that way.

Straight cuts = less wasted material, easier alignment and sewing.

I"m sure the first answer is correct

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I've seen a couple of "workboot" designs that have the same feature.

As to these boots holding "a ton of water" if you go overboard, I don't think you'll find that to be a problem. With the tops cinched down, they really won't feel like open-top buckets strapped to your feet. The extra volume of water they can hold will add just a little extra mass to move around when you kick your feet, just like if you were wearing a heavier style of boot to begin with.

By the way, I have two pairs of Chotas in lace-up style, and if you don't like the "loose fit" that you speak of, you should have one of the lace-up models. You won't notice any sloppiness in fit at all once the laces are snug.

Their Warm Weather Mukluk…
holds “a ton of water” too. :slight_smile:

Actual swimming experience
I have swam in mine during recovery practice. Possibly due to my sizeable calves, when cinched down I find that the water pressure on the mukluk actually squeezes air OUT of the boot, effectively squeezing the neoprene against teh calf. Very little water intrudes.


Great info…
and good to know… Thank you.

I’ll have to try that out as soon as the water gets a bit warmer…

Intresting, I never thought about that. :slight_smile: