Desolation sound

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I’m going be up in British Columbia this summer for a couple of weeks for a Climbing trip, a class at skookumchuck, and then possibly a solo paddle in the desolation sound area. I was thinking about circumnavigating the Redonda islands and perhaps a little further north and west. I know it is generally bear habitat up there especially at the head of Toba Inlet but I am curious if there are bears on the Redonda islands, rendezvous island, or any of the smaller islands inside of the desolation Marine Park. If so what are general protocols people have been using to safely navigate bear areas in the region???


Maybe you can find a wildlife biologist in Vancouver. Bears are good swimmers. They fill up the habitat. They will be on some bigger islands if there is habitat for them like estuaries, tidal pools, tidal flats and open country. A wonderful place for a trip. You have to like rain.

I would suggest that you DM Nootka and John Abercrombie on West Coast Paddler. Also contact Philip Torren at that site. He is pretty well-versed in bear protocol. Maybe check BC Marine Trails Association for suggestions. Lots of Vancouver and Victoria area paddlers paddle those waters.

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I have traveled in that area before. You will be surprised to find bears everywhere, even on the small islands. Clean your dishes in deep water and burn any smelly stuff. Clean fish well away from camp. Hoist your food bags at night at least 15 feet off of ground. Lots of good tree limbs along that coast. I carry a marine style air horn to chase them away if they are being a pest. Mostly bears will avoid your noisy camp.

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