Destination Assistance: West Palm

I’m going to a place called The Breakers for the first weekend in May and I will have a little bit of free time.

Any recommended outfitters and destinations nearby? Also, is there any whitewater in the area where I could take a beginner’s class?

I would be up for any type of paddling, but would really like to experiment with WW where it is warmer than Maryland :-).

All advice appreciated.

Adventure Times Kaykas
Try Adventure Times Kayaks.

They are in Palm Beach, not too far from The Breakers. They do book trips and have rentals as well. There is a trip to Peanut Island with them that is said to be interesting, I don’t have any personal experience with their trips but I purchased my last boat from them and they were nice and professional.

I am not aware of white water kayaking in South Florida, this place is flat, but there is no shortage of great destinations, both salt and fresh water all close to your hotel, which by the way is absolutely fantastic.


Thank you…
for the quick and helpful response.

The peanut island gig might be great if the wife comes along otherwise it looks like they offer private kayak surfing lessons which could be a very fun way to spend an afternoon.

Thanks again…


Adventure Times
They’re supposed to be a good outfitter, probably the best in the area. I talked to them last November when I was in town for a few days, but didn’t get out on the water because it was right after a hurricane (Wilma?) came thru. The Peanut Island trip looks like fun, but it is really close to land.

Kayak Palm beach
Lissette Bretos and Michael Arnett of Kayak Palm Beach are great!! They are good instructors and are into both traditional and greenland paddling. I was down there about a month ago and highly recommend them. In addition to being talented paddlers, they were a ton of fun!

561-881-9893 or

second Lissette and Mike

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Great people. Into all different styles of kayaking and exceptional greenland paddlers but I think one of their main passions is surfing. Get together with them if at all possible. Well worth any fees. Lissette is a phenomenal roller (actually both are) and Mike is really really good at analyzing what you are doing. Both are very good at explaining and as said before, they are a lot of fun.


Thanks folks…
Since my last post I’ve learned my wife will be more comfortable on the beach with a cocktail while I’m playing in the waves… so surfing it is.

I’ll look these folks up also to see what they can offer as an intro to surf kayaking for a relatively new sea kayaker.

Thanks for the advice.


I wanted to thank you for this recommendation. I spent the first half of Saturday with Mike and Lisette and we had a great time paddling through the boat wakes, and some light surf around West Palm.

Very knowledgeable and helpful, and to watch Lisette roll is to really see talent in action. Hand roll, shotgun roll, whatever…

We practiced some towing, rolling, a little surfing although mostly it was a calm day.

Also got to play a bit in a surf boat and a WW boat… but spent most of the day in an Explorer by NDK.

I highly recommend Mike and Lisette to anyone visiting West Palm…

Thanks again!