Destinations north of Charleston, SC

My wife and I are planning a paddling vaction to the SC coast north of Charleston next week, and are looking for any suggestions on good places to visit. We want to check out Huntington Beach State Park, but I’m sure there are other worthwhile destinations on either side of Georgetown.

Any suggestions?


Are you talking about paddling?

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-Bull Island National Wildlife Refuge - accessed by kayak or ferry from Garris Landing. Unspoiled barrier island with great hiking trails and a beautiful beach.
-Wambaw Creek in the Francis Marion NF. Stop at the Seewee Center right on US 17 for info. Red Wolf exhibit there also.
- Wambaw hiking trail starts at the Buck Hall Recreation Area, accessed from US 17. There are boat ramps ;it is on the ICW.
The Seewee, right at the turn off to Garris Landing on the opposite side of 17. Doesn't look like much;good food.
Graham's in old McClellanville - turn right off US 17 .
Murrell's Inlet, just north of Huntington Beach SP; lots of good seafood and paddling in the marsh from the public boat ramp.
Waccamaw River - accessed at Weeki Waacki(sp) boat ramp ;left off US 17 about the middle of Murrell's Inlet. Many creeks to be explored.
I grew up in Charleston and love that part of the state.E-mail me if you need more specific info.

Yes, by kayak…

Ah! I should have been more specific. Yes, by kayak. The information you gave was exactly the kind of pointer I was looking for. I’ll check those out and may follow up with you by email.



Actually,I should have read more

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carefully;you said paddling.
Of the paddling places I listed,Bull Island would be my top choice.We have 6 foot tides there, so you want to catch a falling tide going out and catch the rising tide coming in.My favorite route is across Bull's Bay to the north end of the island.
Wambaw Creek is probably my second choice. It is tidal also. It is off SC 45 north and a little hard to find but they can direct you from the SeeWee Center which is also HQ for the Cape Romain NWR.
PS. Take insect repellant. The no-see-ums can be hell near the marsh and the deer flies can get that way on Wambaw Creek.

Cape Romain

look at murrels inlet

great seafood and easy paddling

Couple photos

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We never made Bull Island that day;way too windy.

Wambaugh Creek.

There are only five of Wambaugh;the rest are Awendaw Creek on another very windy day.