Destiny Kayak

Does anyone know what happened to Destiny Kayak Co? I know they were in Tacoma years ago but haven’t been able to find out much else about them. Any info appreciated, thanks.

I spent a couple of weeks paddling the Central BC coast with Larry, who’s brother was the owner of Destiny Kayaks. Larry was still using his Destiny on that trip. I think his bro just moved on.

I can ask.


Destiny Kayak
Hey that would be great. The boat I have is about 16’7". It says Destiny Kayak on top and sides but no other model name. The hull # is glassed into the inside bottom on what looks like a business card. It has a rudder and weighs about 60lbs. It’s yellow top and bottom. Thanks

I also know their shop was in Spanaway WA.

Founders …
I am and old friend of the founders who sold the company and moved on several years ago. I can probably reach one or both of them via email. Shoot me an email with you questions and I’ll see what I can come up with.