detailed maps of rivers

does anyone know where i can get a dtailed wall map of nc with rivers and streams (not just major rivers) that includes counties?

I don’t see how…
…you could get one wall map showing detail of all the NC county rivers and streams !

You can get the individual U.S. Geological ones, but you would need a bill board or larger to get them on one.

If you find one, let us know.



Go to the State Capitol building in NC.
They should have a department of interior with maps available of all types.

You could also try here.

For stream info–try here.

Topo Maps of NC

You can go to


use the following link to get into the Geology Survey Section at DENR( It will take you directly to county listing from which you can pick a county and it will bring up the a sectional map for the different GS maps available.


Go to the Archdale Building in Raleigh (Jones and Wilmington St)where the Map Office is located in the basement.

Last maps I got were $8.00 each ($156 total) and virtual duplicates of what you get from only I didn’t have to paste five printer pages to get one useage map.

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Georgia has some maps like you want
so maybe NC has them also. My favorite is a computer generated slope map. It has the streams and counties, and the color rendition of slope gives some crude topographical info.

You will probably have to go to the Raleigh state office to find such things. These specialty maps are done at the behest of the state.

I also remember a commercial map distributor which offers very nice state maps. Don’t recall if they include the counties. You would have to google around to find them.

US Dept. Of Agriculture
Forestry Devision. It’s where I got all my maps for New York as well as Western Pa. They come in grids and you buy the grids you need vs a map of the entire state.It’s basiclly same as a TOPO map. I believe there is software you can install on your pc allowing you to tap into topo maps from all over. I don’t know what the program is called.

Topo programs
McYak referred to topo mapping software programs for home computers. This is a great way to go. There are several brands on the market that are scans of USGS topo maps. I have Map Tech’s “Terrain Navigator” program and am well pleased. It allows me to print out customized maps at the “zoom” level I want. I usually print out a few maps for a trip on regular 8 ½” x 11” sheets, number them sequentially, stuff ‘em in a zip-lock baggie and go. Works for me. There are several topo software brands out there that do essentially the same thing. Most of these topo programs are available as individual states (all of the USGS topo maps for a single state) or as groups of states. As an example I have the Terrain Navigator set that covers Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana. This set is on about ten CDs (as I recall). Programs of this type have various features (like 3-D imaging, etc). Pick the program that has the features you want/need.

Note: One mapping software program to avoid is the “pac-man” quality Delorme “Topo-USA” program. This one covers the entire USA and is just on one CD. This is a highly simplified map of the lowest common denominator – NOT scans of USGS topo maps. Topo-USA is so simplified in fact that it’s useless for paddlers (rivers are just squiggly single lines). This product is not in the same league with some of Delorme’s printed maps by a long, long shot. I had it and ditched it. The original poster asked about “detailed maps” – this ain’t it!

There are several online companies that sell topo mapping software programs. Here’s one that sells a few different brands:

I hope that helped. Randall

Try this one
I keep this one bookmarked at all times. ANd it’s where I get my river maps.

Did I misread the original…
post for ONE wall map that has all the counties and details of all rivers and streams?

If I did then I would advise getting one of those books for about 17 bucks (DeLorme or equal)that have the coordinates, etc.

We pick up one in every state we go in. You can get them in Wally world.

They are almost as detailed as the geodetic maps, and they show all the river put-ins, etc.

I think the only thing they lack is the topo lines.



I second the Delorme Topo “books” that have the entire state…I have one for NC, SC, GA, FL, and VA…they have inspired many new kayaking trips, hikes, etc…

One of the best river maps I’ve ever found is for the Savannah River from Augusta to Savannah…I found these maps since I’m planning on doing a week long paddle in late February. The charts are NOAA Nautical Charts and I think they are published only because the Savannah River is a “navigable” river and is cleared for commercial traffic or something.

They are NOAA nautical chart #11515 & 11514…awesome scale and detail…and huge!!



And those DeLorme state
map books are now down to 10 bucks at Sam’s



Try Very easy access to where ever you want to paddle and you don’t need 6 different maps to put together a trip.

A more useful and detailed Topo USA
is offered on about 7 CDs, but I’m waiting until the single DVD version hits REI.

Sketchy research…
…I just compared,, and to look up two watercourses in WA: McAllister Cr. in Thurston Co., and North R. in Pacific Co. was the fastest and most accurate, and I think the map was clearer., which I’ve been using, was much slower, and

found two McAllister Crks, neither the one I wanted.

I’m switching to topozone. Thanks for the lead.

That may be true…
but I find DeLorme’s TopoUSA 4.0 to be a good, easy tool to “scope” areas and get the coordinates,etc. to then more easily get the proper maps for what I’m looking. $50 at REI and it includes 9 SE states. Even if Sams has the books at $10, that would be $90 for the same areas in ‘static’ maps. JMO

Why buy map software?
I respect the opinions of those who have purchased commercial map-printing software, and would like to know the advantage over free ones such as terraserver and topozone.

Thank you.

is probably the fastest online map server, But the Difference in a free map and a purchased map from the site is pretty substantial. The purchased maps are much more detailed, and of USGS quality. But it your just looking for a general directional map with named rapids and what’s near the particular waterway, a free map off of Topozone is pretty accurate. I have three different pieced-together maps of my immediate area that I’ve laminated by hand with sticky sheets from wally-world and they serve me well. However, for a trip later this year to Black Walter’s home waters with a fishing association I’ll be be buying one of the large books of the area, just to have the detail and the extra info they contain.

another source
USGS in Denver 1-888-ASK-USGS or website

Request an ‘index to topographic maps’ for the state that lists what’s in print and the scale available. 1:250,000 (1"=approx 4 SqMiles)gives enough detail and is managable size.

Got this from Cliff J.s book ‘Expedition Canoeing’

We also use the DeLorme books and they are a great value. They give good detail to get you to the location and see what the area is like, but not enough detail for good river mapping.