Details for a Suwannee River trip

In November 2015, me and a few friends are looking to do a 4-5 trip on the Suwannee River between White Springs and Suwannee River State Park. We can use some input to better plan our trip, hence a few questions…

Other than the established camp sites, are there sites along the way to do primitive camping? If so, are they plentiful or few and far? Identifying the associated river mileage markers at each location would be helpful.

Is collecting good firewood at a primitive campsite an easy task or is it not plentiful and/or very wet or does not burn well?

For the section of the river we plan to paddle, locations listed on maps show: Stephen Foster State Park Cabins, Woods Ferry River Camp, Holton Creek River Camp and Suwannee River State Park Cabins. Which of these locations provide ice and are there other locations along the way that provide ice? Identifying the associated river mileage markers at each location and how far form the river to get there would be helpful.

Is there a recommended guidebook? Any other insights would be appreciated.


you might reconsider your mileages

You can get ice in White Springs. River camps are primitive.

You can camp along the shores but the banks are sometimes steep…all depends on water level. Sandbars are a possibility sometimes. Sometimes under water.

Watch you don’t camp on private property. Green is OK on the map.

change your route to start at Fargo, Georgia.

That 50 mile section between Fargo and White springs is the absolutely most beautiful section of the river with zillions of pristine white sandy remote places to camp and very nice scenery.

You would just have to portage past “Big Shoals”, but it is an easy portage on river left and is only a few hundred yards long.

There are some nice places to camp above the shoals with good viewing of them

Jack L