Dial a Bouy


For anyone not aware of this service, it could come in handy. Call the number from this site to get the current wind speed and other info from any of the many at sea weather stations.

It’s cool
We used this last month on Lake Huron. You can get the info on-line or by phone. Just make sure you have a good signal if you’re using a cell phone!

Definitely Good Info
from the buoys. But realize the info is for current conditions. You need to follow the weather reports and how weather patterns affect your local conditions. The buoys could be telling you the “worse” is already happening, or that what’s happening is just the precurser to something far worse.


to get the info…

We stayed with Grayhawk for last year’s B&B, and as Saturday night chilled down and the winds picked up, we went to the buoy info -and it wasn’t real good, as all y’all were there can relate to.

Next morning it told us what we didn’t want to know, -or, at least, what we SOUTH FLORIDIANS & CONCHS sure didn’t want to see, LOL!

But it IS a good source of info, along with all the rest, and sometimes more appropriate if you’re considering apddling"out there" to check out and prepare vai as you

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami