Dick's SG kayaks question


I am a noob as far as kayaks go and will be buying an entry level one on the cheap to go fishing on ponds and lakes (And maybe the Florida mangroves).

After getting tired of looking at craigslist and Ebay I went to Dick’s sporting goods.

They have a Potomac 100ES for $200. Then they had a “Quest” (Forgot the brand)for $200 but it was out of stock and only a picture of it was on the display (It can be ordered).

I asked the Dick’s store employee the difference between the two and he said to go with the “Quest” as it is one piece and the “potomac” is 2 pieces. He said 2 pieces Kayaks will eventually start splitting.

Is this true?



I paddled with some people that had the Potomecs. They seemed to like them and the price is great. The only think I noticed is that they sit low in the water. The one guy was maybe 220 and I don’t think it would take much more weight than that.


I appreciate the answer. I weight around 175 lbs, I should be fine.

Do you know about buying a 2 piece kayak vs a 1 piece?



For $200 who cares!
It gets you on the water this spring and if it doesn’t self destruct you can sell it later for $100. If you paddle like you should and sell it when you find a better used boat this winter you’ll have maybe one whole doller per trip cost use on boat.

You’ll spend way more on your paddle ($120 to $200), PFD ($50 to $100), gas to the lake and snacks (many hundreds of dollars).

I think gas is my biggest expense or maybe new tents. Tents don’t last near as long as kayaks even though they only get used about one fifth as much.

For what it’s worth, Patrick,
I got a chance to observe the performance of one of those $200 (on sale) Dick’s kayaks last Sunday when our group paddled down a section of the North Toe River. I also talked to its owner.

This lightweight kayak did well paddling down a very rocky river in some mild but challenging rapids. It seemed no more vulnerable to damage than our heavier poly kayaks - even going over the rocks. Though she is a new paddler, she is pleased with her boat and really appreciates its light weight.

Hey, if you can get 80% of the enjoyment from a $200 boat that you can from a $2000 boat, I say go for it!


I appreciate all the answers. I think I will order the 1 piece from Dicks’s. When they get it in store I will compare it with the 2 piece and make a choice.

Thanks so much


I’ve had my tent since 1992
It all depends on how you take care of your tent.

I’ve never met a Dick’s employee who knew what they were talking about.

Dick’s salesman

They seem to know more than you so far.


When it comes to paddling
I’d put Druminator far ahead of any Dicks employee.

2 piece Kayak

I went to a different Dick’s store, I have 4 close to me.

I didn’t mention the salesman anything about my prior visit to the other Dick’s store.

I told him I was after a cheap kayak to go on ponds/lakes or very slow moving waters for fishing.

He pointed me first to a swift kayak i think which was around $325 then he mentioned the 2 $200 kayaks but said to avoid the Coleman 2 piece kayak as it wouldn’t last.

He said the $200 quest in 1 piece would last forever with normal use.

He seemed to know his stuff, he explained what materials they were made off and how they manufacture them.

I am going to stay away from that 2 piece Coleman I think.



The Dick’s employee
knows enough to tell you the obvious–a two piece cheap kayak is more likely to cause you trouble than a one piece cheap kayak. But really, Dick’s is not the place to get any serious kayaking advice. There are other things to consider, like your height and weight, and what length and beam would be best; paddle length and weight; a decent, well-fitting PFD, and what other safety equipment you should own. Tip a nine foot long plastic kayak over that has no bulkheads or flotation, and it fills with water, and you will have a difficult time getting it righted and back to shore. If you can find a specialty kayak shop in your area–even if you have to drive a ways–you will learn a lot talking to the owner/salespeople there. Then you will be in a better position to know whether that $200 Dick’s boat is actually going to meet your needs. It isn’t a bargain if it turns out not to be.