Dick's Sporting Goods: Canoes?

I’ve been looking at some of Dick’s Sporting Good’s canoes, particularly the Field & Stream models “Sportsman 14” and “Sportsman 15”. But, I can’t find anything on the web about them, no reviews, etc.

Has anyone had any experience with these canoes?


Rebranded mass production hulls n/m

Made by Johnson Outdoors…
wide beamed (either 44" or 46")and heavy at about 92 and 108 lbs. Not bad as a stable fishing or hunting platform, but not really too good for much else.

There were still nice canoes and kayaks in some of the Galyan’s stores when Dick’s took over. If you could find an employee willing to help you, there were some nice-priced boats to be had. I once tried to buy a Bell that was hanging from the ceiling but no one would pull it down for me. One of the Galyan’s employees told me that manufacturers like Dagger & Perception refused to supply to Dick’s partly because of concerns about customer service.

All owned by Confluence
and Perception IS in the Dicks in my town.

Not saying they stuck by it
or that the guy I talked to had his facts fight. I haven’t been in a Dick’s in awhile.

Good value. (I’ve bought and sold 2) but they are heavy and paddle poorly. They make an OK small water fishing boat if you have two guys (or a motor) pushing them.