Dick's Sporting Goods

I happened to be in the store today for an unrelated reason, but as I was walking through the store I noticed some new brands of kayaks. It appears that they now have Current Designs (Kestrel & Solara) and Hurricane (Santee 100 & 116).

This could be welcome news for those who are far from a true outfitter.

I checked when I got home and they are not on the website.

how were the prices?

Dicks also has try before you buy
Here in PA the Dick’s store lets you return a kayak as long as it wasn’t registered. That was a couple of years ago on the cheaper models. I don’t know about present policy.

REI will take a return, too
REI not only takes kayaks back for full refund after use, but if you buy from them you get 10% of the cost back at the end of the year in the form of a store credit (the member annual premium.)

Having worked for many years for independent outdoor outfitters/kayak dealers, I have to admit I am dismayed to hear that quality manufacturers are undermining independent dealers by selling to Big Box generalists like Dick’s (who never have qualified sales staff nor offer paddling skills classes, good stock in accessories and other support).

Just another step in the “Walmartization” of kayak outfitting. I suppose they (the manufacturers) feel they have to enable these low-end outlets because it is getting harder for the independents to stay in business and to afford to keep deep stock in a range of boats.

The seemed to be the same as what EMS has.

sales are DOWN from polyethylene hulls sales increases.

Marketing quality to the man on the tide while staying afloat is good biz sense.