dicontinued Bell "Fusion" model?

I never stumbled across one of these before. It looks interesting and very Malecite-esque. I don't recall any discussion about it here either, or the designer, Bob Brown.


If I had $1100 lying around, I think I'd have to learn about the Fusion via seat time.

Similar to

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Wenonah's Solo Plus. It was replaced by StarFire, then by the de-tuned Morning Star. It is kinda skinny, has no rocker and seems a little large for most solo paddlers and a little tight for most tandem teams.

Bob brown is a Twin Cities guy who designed The CJ Solo for Old town, The Slipper for MRC, several early hulls, North Bay Cruiser, Infinity, Travler, and Creek Runner for Bell, the Night, Fish and Kitty Hawks for Blackhawk and the early Solo Plus for Wenonah. A nicer guy never lived on this earth. Bob preferred straight keeled hulls in those days.

no rocker, ouch

I guess that’s what makes it so similar to the Solo Plus, which I understand Brown also designed. Even the limited pictures in the ad made it look like there was no rocker.

What are the specs on the Starfire?

For Starfire details see http://www.coldencanoe.com/Starfire.html

Back in production at Colden canoe

I didn’t know that, thanks. It looks interesting, different specs from most anything else out there. Hopefully Paul will bring one along when he demos boats.

Top View


Overall 15’

Waterline 14’9"

Length to Waterline Width Ratio: 6

Target Weight:

46lbs Cherry Rails

36lbs SnakeSkin Rails

Side View


Bow 19"

Mid 13.5"

Stern 17"

Rocker: bow & stern 3"

End View


rail 30"

max 34"

3" Waterline 30.5"


6" Freeboard 750#

5" wl 500#

4" wl 370#

3" wl 260#

2" wl 160#

Hate To Detour the Thread Much
But since someone mentioned it, the Starfire is a wonderful boat for anyone who can keep a boat with a bit of rocker under control. Maybe a tad wide for the shorter in stature, but it’s the best boat I’VE ever paddled. Of course, like pants, what fits one doesn’t necessarily fit another. One of these days I hope to be able to afford one of my own!