Did I get as good of a deal as I think??

-- Last Updated: Mar-01-07 9:41 AM EST --

I have 2 Perception Carolina 14.5 kayaks. I wanted a tandem sit on top kayak just to take to the beach with my family for the week of the 4th of July (Ocean Isle Beach, here we come!). I wanted it just to play in the waves and to play around in.

So, I posted a "Wanted Ad" on craigslist.com. I said I would like to find a good used tandem sit on top kayak for $200 or less. I figured there was no way that anyone would ever sell one for that much as I watched them end on Ebay for no less than $500.

About 2 weeks later, after bidding and losing on several on Ebay, someone emailed me. They said they had one for $200 that they had just sitting around since they bought 2 jet skis last year.

This is what I got for $200 -

1. Islander Tropic II tandem sit on top kayak (like new condition)
2. (2)-Harmony Delux seats
3. (2)-Harmony featherable paddles

Is this a great deal? I think I did pretty good after watching Ebay for 2 months!

that’s shoppin!

A steal
Read the review. $420+tax at COSCO just for the boat.

Of course there is a reason
they never use it.

Good job. One reason I always sell
boats cheap is my superstition that it is the reason I have always bought boats cheap.

Good Karma-priceless n/m