Did I hit the jackpot on a pair of Lettmann paddles?


So I ended up buying the Easky 13s and I really like them. They came with Lettmann carbon fiber paddles and I’ve used Werners in the past and these feel nicer. I’d never heard of the brand but I looked them up and they seem to go for even more than Werners… I’m seeing like 595 euro for a paddle like looks identical to the 2 I got with these boats. Did I score major here or am I missing something? I paid 1300 for the yaks, paddles and a couple rip tide life jackets which will be my spares for guests that paddle with us. PS I know these are stored like crap but my Malone 6 boat rack was delayed a week because of Covid 19.

You got a good deal on the boats so unless the paddles are junk, you got an even better deal.

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Lettmann was one of the original designers of wing paddles in the late 80 or early 90s. There are only a few truly original wing designs (with the rest being slight derivatives) and Lettmann developed a couple or 3 of them.

Yes, your paddles are worth what you paid for both boats. Excellent deal!

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Well done. Consider those paddles a little lagniappe.

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Great! Thanks!