Did Mohawk ever make a 10 foot canoe?

Subject pretty well says it- did Mohawk ever make a 10 foot solo double-ended canoe? Maybe in fiberglass? There’s one listed not too terribly far from me, & I’ve been strongly considering a lighter weight solo canoe, the old Grumman seems to get heavier as age 60 gets closer. (Though if it really is a 10 foot canoe, at my current weight of ~260 lbs it may be too small for me.) I’ve emailed Mohawk about it, but since it’s late Fri afternoon… ;^)

Any help appreciated. My first post here, kudos to shose who maintain & run this website, it’s a nice resource for anyone interested in canoes or kayaks.

Mohawk 10 footer ?

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The seller "may have" mismeasured the canoe they have for sale............

Never heard of a Mohawk 10' model; not saying there wasn't one.

Mohawk has make the following (whitewater solo) models:

Viper 11' actually 11' 6"

XL 11' actually 11' 4"

Probe 11' actually 11' 8"

Rodeo 10' 6"

Maxim 8' 10"

Those listed would NOT be suitable for flatwater; nor suitable for a 260 pound paddler, in my opinion.


mohawk 10 footer
Thanks Bob. I got a reply from Mohawk canoes- impressive on a Friday evening, huh? According to the factory, Mohawk did once make a fiberglass solo canoe, lightweight(~33 lbs according to one owner on another forum) & about 10 feet 6 inches long. That owner ways his is stiff & fast for its length. His other comments lead me to believe that at least some of them came without any seat at all. It was called the Mohawk Pack canoe. I fear that you’re right though & it will be too small for me.

Mohawk Maxim…8’10"

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Maybe a little shorter than you wanted..it's a ww boat Uncle. Imho you'd find a 16+' boat more stable. The Packs are indeed in that length range, however today the layup materials, outside of Royalex and Polyethylene are much lighter = made for the IN-lightweight crowds.
SpringCreek Outfitters' Seat/Yoke and CVCA Yoke will make a Royalex boat, OTHW heavy, seem almost featherlike to carry/portage in comparison to their actual weight...
Just my $.01

Mohawk Pack

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Back in the 80's they made the 10' 6" Pack. In the buyers guide's of the time under usage they said "CB". CB stood for "Childs Boat". Widths were 26 1/2" at the widest , 24" at the 4" water line. A symmetrical moderately rockered, shallow arched hull with flare. The weight in fiberglass was 30lbs. It sold for $155.00 in 83.

Oldbill is correct
I had one it didn’t come with a seat you sat on the bottom . I bought it for a $100 and sold it and got my money back after a few trips. I’m 175 lbs and was way to big for the boat.