did paddlesports spawn a popular saying?

Did the well known saying “different Strokes for different folks” spawn from paddlesports??

Just ignore this
and maybe it will go away

I think it was sex-ed class . . . .

When I was 17 years old, sharing
burgers and fries at a White Castle in Chicago, a female friend was trying to explain why she just didn’t enjoy a recent date with a guy.

“I guess he just rubbed you the wrong way,” I opined.

Went right over her head, or under her headlights, or something.

Not know where it came from
But doesn’t look like paddling


And leave him
up a creek without a paddle?

nope, from artists
Monet vs. Rockwell ca. 1936. The only sayings spawned from paddlesports are “shut up and paddle” and “paddle like you hear banjo music.”

"Paddle like you hear banjo music" I gotta use that one. I think I pee’d a lil laughing so hard.

How about “Go with the flow”?

“Up S*it Creek Without a Paddle”?
C’mon, that’s gotta be one.

Maybe “Go with the flow.”

nope, again not from paddlesports

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dehydrated with the runs, and arthritis. Originally "up s#its creak w/o a puddle."
"go with the flow" actually spawned paddlesports. Before paddles were invented, that was all you could do.

How about "Nice rack"
or did I just hear “ness” use it?

I just gotta go north and paddle with them folks

Paddlin’ on


here ya’ go

going down that road
(no pun intended)

I think “loose lips sink ships” also has nautical origins.

OK enough innuendo for today.

Different boats for different floats nm

Whatever floats your boat

Ever heard of
Sly and the Family Stone?

That was 35 years ago, and even THEY didn’t coin the phrase.

(Did I just bite on Pamlico bait?)

I know up the creek without a paddle did
but what about go with the flow??

how about …
A rising tide lifts all boats (or kayaks or canoes)

I get it now. This morning I saw a bumper sticker, “paddle faster, I hear the banjo music!”

aka Deliverance