Did the Sea Kayak Forum go poof?

I lurk there occasionally but the other night saw this message:
“The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable. Please check back soon. If you are the owner of this website, please contact Technical Support as soon as possible.”

Same message today. Sad if it’s lost to alphabet heaven of the Internet.

More concerning–Is Australia still there?

place has been so dead lately no wonder it’s gone. It just kept getting slower and slower unfortunately. Make a post and come back in three weeks and it’s only one down on list or worse.

Heard they were converting to RECkayaking.com can’t post if you boat’s over 11’-11"

Then I’m SOL unless I lie.


Did the Sea Kayak Forum go poof?
Well, perhaps now they’re just more aloof.
With hulls long and quite skinny,
these days there’s just not as many,
as stub buckets piled up to Wally’s roof.

But hey, your numbers still surpass we canoe,
in the open now as rare as gold gnu.
'Cept for where they say, “Eh,”
as red maple leaves splay,
though a fall comes to winter there, too.

Heck, it’s gotten so lonesome in these here un-forumed parts of the gold gnu that I’ve even taken up occasionally co-minglin’ with…Yes, FatElmo, I know. I’m a poisoned pilgrim…Chesapeake Kayak Adventurers! Quite a lovely collection of wave-toothpicks, if ever there was. They seem to tolerate my Voyager-of-a-lesser-non-Nigel-god. Guess they’re waitin’ for this ugly ducklin’head to blossom into a cockpitted swan. Ain’t happenin! How am I suppose to pack a 50-lb. canine associate into one of those Nanook rollamatics? Strap him to the foredeck like a harpooned walrus?

Hey! There’s a forum to start! Sea Kayaking With Impossibly Large Lunatic Species. A man’s gonna need serious SKWILLS to join that club!