Did you read this? Kayak death in NY.

How horrible -


See: Another(possible) tragedy thread
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Is this advice, or what?


sight of that here … . .

Sounds like Second Degree Murder


who ? in the Sound ?

not advice, but another reminder about
…PFDs, immersion gear, self-rescue, and love.


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and prosecutors saying stuff

unfortunately, this is a different one

Nope it is the same one
I posted one of them after the murder charge was mentioned a couple of weeks ago, and there was another one on this in maybe advice a couple of weeks before that - just as it happened.

There just are not that many russian-girlfriend-kills-fiance-via-kayaking-accident events on the Hudson River.

Don;t know what you think you are reading that is different.

no, it isn’t

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Angelika Grawald. Same story.

Other than
be careful who you choose for your paddling partner…

Truthfully, there is advice to be gained here. If you are going to go paddling:

-inspect your boat and equipment before you begin. I doubt she pulled the drain plug AFTER they started paddling

-prepare for cold water immersion - I’ve never really given the clause “you paddling buddy may want to kill you,” before, but then, if you are prepared, you have to at least make them work to kill you

-learn the skills you need to be safe, including self-rescues, emergency drills, assisted rescues

-prepare for accidents - bring sufficient gear (including first aid gear) to ensure there are things that can be done to recover from most situations - this includes signalling systems for when the crap meets the quickly spinning blades

This guy went onto the water without even the most minimal skills and gear. No immersion protection, flotation, or basic equipment, and paddling well beyond his skills. Had she been patient, with his habits, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable accident.

I’m shocked that they found enough evidence to arrest the woman. Had she cracked the hull beforehand, rather than pull the drain plug, she’d be running away with the insurance money right now. Clearly, the guy was in no danger of inspecting his boat.


No dogs were harmed or eaten
in this soured romantic tryst of fate

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well then
lets hope the Sheriff shot 4 or 5 during the investigation