Diesel fuel in on my PFD any suggestions

Anyone have a suggestion as how to get diesel fuel out my my PFD? I have washed it with dish soap several times but it still stinks. I am about to head over to a local laundrymat and stick it in one of those tumbler type washers for a while. Thanks! GD

I Get Diesel On My Clothes…
…all the time. When you spend lots of quality time on a tractor, everything smells like diesel. Onnopaddle is correct, but I need to add something. You need to make sure the PFD soaks for awhile or stays immersed in the soapy water for awhile. Your PFD is meant to stay on TOP of the water, and it will do the same in the wash unless you put something on top for to help soak the diesel out. WW

I LOVE the smell of Diesel fuel in the morning, smells like VICTORY!!!

Not sure about this, but Oxyclean may do the job if you don’t have any Tide on hand. Earlier comment about keeping it submersed applies.




Be careful!
Diesel fuel is still a solvent and it might have compromised the floation in your PFD. Get it out as soon as possible, and keep a good eye on flotation. Make sure it doesn’t feel extra soft or “crunchy” indicating it was compromised. If that happens, destroy it and get a new one.

We had a gas (not diesel) spill on my daughter’s PFD. Didn’t find it for a couple of weeks probably, and the foam was definitely compromised. Luckily she was growing out of it anyway, and we just bought her a new one. I use the old one to demonstrate what a PFD should NOT feel like!


Don’t do it!


Heh,Heh,Heh, Swedge…
…I know that was “Tongue in cheek,” and I know the movie reference, and you may think it’s nutty, but I really DO like the smell of diesel mixed with the other “Outdoor” smells! WW

its one of my favorite Lines…