difference between kid kayaks

Hello, I currently have a perception acadia scout for one of my kids and a NC11 kayak has come up for sale. Is there much difference between the two? 1ft longer and more speed? I don’t know if the NC11 is much of an upgrade. The child is 11, 85lbs long and lean


Cockpit size matters

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Kids don't have adult size arms.
Try to avoid them banging their knuckles on the boat,
when they attempt to put the paddles in the water.

Kids often struggle in massively wide, super stable,
kayaks because they simply can't get the paddle blades
in the water effectively.

Put the kid in the boat, on dry land, and give them
a paddle to figure it all out, before you launch.
Kids need demo time just like adults before purchase

Perception Acadia 10
Kayak Width: 23"
Cockpit Width: 18"

All I could find was this pic on NC11

Call them and ask for specs
NC Kayaks · (253) 476.8582 · (888) 441.8582
2911 S. Chandler St., Tacoma, WA 98409

In my opinion the NC11 is a better kayak
Hopefully others will chime in with
thoughts and ideas as well.

Other options may include:
Perception Umiak
Wilderness Systems Piccolo
Jackson Kayak Shooting Star
Jackson Fun 1.5

Anybody else seen an NC11 kayak
These seem to be a bit tough to find…ideas anyone