Difference between Penobscot 16 & 17'

Have looked at the specs listed on O/T webite, of course weight, length, hieght, width is different. But, what about the rocker? Penob 16 supposed to be 1.5 inch. Also which would be a better tandem? Found a 16 footer used $300.00. But also may be able to get a supper great deal on a new Penob 16’ or 17’. Would mostly end up being used by me/son and dog. Wife and daughter only occasional.

Thanks B.G.

Would like a recommendation on a good muti-purpose canoe. Family of 4, kids are girl 12, boy 8. So it will be mostly me and my wife (beginners)paddling but carrying the 4 of us. We’ve rented canoes on the Swuannee River that was ok, at lest for just moseying along while the kids played. Want one that is stable but fast, the in-laws have a Blackhawk 16’, so need to be able to best it in performance. They (he)likes to compete at everything. We go camping a lot so it will be going a lot of places, but mostly lakes, rivers and streams in Georgia, Florida. May try class I/II eventuallly. Also need one light enough that I can load up on a Suburban 4X4 by myself, I’m 5’7".

Ok. Dumb question.
Should have asked “which would be the better choice between the two?”

Both are good boats
There isn’t a lot of rocker in either one, but the P17 was originally used for downriver racing, so I think you’d be ok with either one in that respect. However, if you always will be using the boat at least as a tandem, I recommend the P17. You need to have the additional length if you carry more than 2 people.

I spent a week in a P16 on a Boundary Waters trip, loaded with gear, tandem paddling, and it was a dog. As a solo under the same circumstances, it is lovely (according to some friends). Unloaded, it is an ok tandem, but highly regarded as a solo.


The older Penobscots
did have about 1.5 to 2 inches of rocker, but since about 2001 they have been made with almost none at all. If you plan on paddling solo most of the time, get a 16 and have a middle seat installed. If you plan on using it for river running get skid plates too. Two of my buds with late model P 16’s scraped the vinyl off of their bows in less than one year.