difficult Eddyline back hatch cover

I’m having a really hard time getting the large oval cover seated well onto the back hatch rim of my new Eddyline Fathom LV. (The boat is a 2008 model but hadn’t been used much, if at all, so maybe that’s why the hatch cover is stiff. Or maybe my hands are just kind of weak.) Any suggestions? I can manage the day hatch and front hatch covers fine – they’re a lot smaller.

G in NC

I don’t like those back covers either
I used to have a 2005 model, and it had the nicest rubber oval. It was a bit finnicky too, but at least if you did it right it would stretch over. The new ones have the advantage of not imploding (the oval is made out of plastic, and only the rim is rubber), but the disadvantage of being nearly impossible to put on. Give me the old rubber one any day.

regular home dish soap
to coat the hatch cover and/or the rim , doesn’t take much, an I’ve never had a problem with it degrading the cover .


also works on paddle ferrels

303 is great stuff for plastic, vinyl, rubber, latex; all things boating, automotive, etc. It is great for lubricating hatches. It has SPF 40 for plastics, so it reduces UV damage, keeping all your stuff looking good.


Thanks, all!
Dish soap and 303 – I’ll try 303 right now. (It’s about to snow here! Yikes.) Appreciate your help.

G in NC

You also…
…might try some silicone spray. I had an Eddyline LV, which I really liked. I usually gave the compartments a light spray before camping trips to make it easier for dry bag stuffing. Used a little on one of the hatches with good results too.

303 – it worked!
Dadgum if 303 didn’t let me pop that big stubborn back hatch right onto the rim. I imploded it on and it went on and held. Thanks, Eric. I’m sure dish detergent would have worked nicely too, or silicone spray, but I thought that the 303 would be a good idea considering that I’m headed to the Everglades and will be out in strong sun (Lord, at least I hope so!) for several days.

I sure appreciate all the suggestions, guys. Thanks again.

G in NC

Find the correct position
Something I observed with some oval covers is that they have to be placed in the exact position. I mean that a small rotation, only 2-3° may cause problems to open/close it and worse and it may leak, even when it appears well closed.

Lubrification can help to find the correct position, just lay the cover flat over the hatch and while rotating slightly try to “feel” the right position. If it’s really easier to close and open, mark this position with a line or something else.

Sometimes it helps.

A great day trip off the trail US41

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is the Tuner river , lots o wildlife , mangrove tunnels an pretty easy .
A side note on those oval hatches , if yer doing the standard TX rescue don't put yer knee on that hatch while trying to get back in , chances are it'll impload , unless ya got a dry bag there to support your weight . The Oar house(Everglades City) has a good breakfast , burgers & fries . If ya wanna see were alot o your vegetables come from , take a run up to Immokolie and say thanks to all the illegals workin the fields .
Smallest post office in the US on 41 in Oochopee
have a good trip

Hey thanks guys . . .
. . . for the rotating the hatch cover idea (who knew?!) and for tips on the Turner River,Ochopee (sp?), and Immolakee. We’re camping at Trails Lake (or something) at Ochopee at beginning and end of trip. Turner River may be on the agenda (I’m not in charge), and I love to eat! Our small group is getting together at a restaurant on Sunday so maybe we’ll try the Oar House. Looks like one cold night (high 40s) at the start, then warming.

Doesn’t silicone break down rubber?
I have the same problem with my Eddyline rear hatch. You have to line up the arrows exactly and make sure the cover stays centered. It helps to push down in the center of the cover. The rear cover is easier to put on when it’s been sitting in the sun.

I put things I use often in the round front hatch, which is easier to open and close.

I agree, spray some 303 on the rim and inside the inner rim of the hatch cover. This helps all of my kayaks, including my eddyline fathom.