digicam waterproof cases?

Has anyone used a canon WP-DC22 with a Powershot SD1100IS? What do you think?

I’ve got the powershot (it was a bday present last year)so after eyeing the waterproof case for a while, I ordered it.

It arrived yesterday. My gosh, its HUGE.

At least it floats, unlike many of the waterproof digicams out there… Oh well.

That’s so funny…
I also just received that case in the mail for my SD1100IS. I imagine you ordered it for the same reason I did. I wanted something that wouldn’t blur the pics and would retain full functionality of the camera. Sorry I can’t comment on the real world use yet but it does look promising…don’t you think??


and it has great reviews
it does look like a keeper.

I also dive (but not nearly as much as I’d like) so it seemed like a useful thing for underwater photos as the SD1100IS has a setting for that, as well as taking pictures on the river.

I was also kinda hoping that the case might afford some camera protection as well.

It does look cool and I’ll hopefully play with it this weekend. Be interested in what you think as well.

WP Case
I use this case on my camera and used it kayaking on lake superior last year up at Isle Royale. I really like it. Pictures all came out great and I even did some shots underwater that came out very clear and sharp. The camera was never wet and the controls were easy to use. Down side it is big and it was hard to have on the deck but the up side is that I was able to have it on the deck attached with a small caribiner and a length or cord and it was there when I wanted to shoot photos. I think you will like it.

there is one problem
with waterproof cases: water droplets.

I went away from a waterproof case because half of my pix ended up having water smudges in the shot.

I went instead to a waterproof camera which is much smaller that I can keep in the pocket of the PFD.

The lens of the camera is coated with proprietary water repellent and I now rarely get water droplets in my pix. Samples at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gnarlydog/sets/72157600524255302/

On the other hand, if the camera will be used in mild conditions where water will not reach the camera, just keep that lens clean and your shots will be great.

Underwater photos are not a problem since the water covers the whole lens not just drops here and there.

good point
I’m going to hope for “mild conditions.” I don’t think this is the camera for my white water boat!

Still, I’ll have to watch the water droplets and smudges, thanks!

Gnarlydog, there are good ways to
deal with the water droplet problem. Also, those who own Pentax or Olympus waterproof cameras are reporting both droplet and condensation problems.

Eric Nyre has the best solution. He carves and glues foam so that his Canon camera, in his waterproof case, can be shoved into the foam surround to keep splash and fog off the lens.

I used a Minolta Weathermatic 35 for years, and got used to the occasional need to slosh the camera in the river, blow off the lens cover panel, and wait a few seconds for the panel to dry. Sometimes it was only necessary to blow off the cover plate and wave the camera to dry the cover.

Now I have a Canon Elph SD800IS in a waterproof case. The lens cover has not needed much attention. The SD800 is not the latest model, but THOROUGHLY outperforms the Pentax and Olympus waterproof cameras, because my Canon has an F2.8 lens, true optical image stabilization, and 28-105 mm equivalent zoom range. Right now, the waterproof cameras are not offering the fast lens, the true image stabilization, and the wide angle lens capability in one camera.

Even if the “waterproof” cameras did offer those things, their small lens covers are hard to clean on the river !

As for bulk, the waterproof case for my Canon is about the same size as my old Minolta Weathermatic 35. The compactness of the new “waterproof” cameras is certainly attractive, but if one just stuffs such cameras in a PFD pocket, they may well have lens condensation when pulled out for a shot.

g2d, I have used both
and went away from waterproof cases because of condensation and water droplets.

In my group of sea kayakers some have the waterproof cameras, some have the non w/p ones in cases.

The pictures from wet environments (like surf and rough seas) from the “cased” cameras are way too often not usable while the rest brings back decent images.

There are 5 kayakers in my group that got rid of their cased cameras and purchased Olympus or Pentax and not looked back.

I agree with you: Canon makes the best compact dig cameras (I have several (?)… for work).

Olympus SW1030 is a 28mm lens (I believe that is as wide as most other wide compacts).

Image stabilization is available in several waterproof cameras (Olympus Though8000 for example).

Hey, I am not defending Olympus or Pentax (I have no commercial gain form them) but I just say what I have observed and experienced.

On the other hand: a good tradesman never blames his tools :slight_smile:

It’s possible that salt versus fresh
water is a factor here. Also, I do most photography from a whitewater canoe, and so have the camera out and immediately at hand. Maybe there are things about using a cased camera on a sea kayak that I have not had the opportunity to experience.

You ever run into a guy named Mick down there who sometimes uses the moniker “Fat Old Bastard”? He lurks on Boatertalk and has been known to us for years.

maybe the salt makes all the difference
couldn’t tell. I don’t venture in fresh water since there is not a lot of it around my parts of OZ.

And despite being extremely popular(not)and getting known around for my sarcasm (some call it arrogance :slight_smile: I have not come across Mick. But I have come across a lot of Fat Old Bastards… heading myself that way :slight_smile:

Add grumpy as well…

I really don’t want to buy more cameras!
Because I have FOUR freakin’ cameras, three digitals and one film.

So I’m hoping the waterproof case with attention to the lens area for dryness and cleanliness (thanks for those tips) works for both salt and fresh SNAPSHOTS.

Because beyond taking occasional shots of fellow paddlers and interesting natural sights, I really am not banking on serious on-the-water photography! More like casual, on-the-water photography.

I use a DiCapac Camera bag

I just unscrew the front lens cover when I take pics above water so I do not get water droplets. Works great!