Digital Camera Dummy

Well I finally moved up to the digital world of photography with new Olympus camera and waterproof Pelican case.

(Next year I’ll be posting Raystown pictures too)

Here’s my dumb question:

When traveling through an airport security station, do digital images stored on the memory card get disrupted by the metal detectors or by the x-ray machines?

Is there a prefered method of transport?



Short Answer. Nope
The X-rays used in the metal detectors is weak as it is. A common belief is that film in a camera is exposed when subjected to the Xray in the detectors. This is false.

There are certain films that are more prone to X-rays than others, but none are found in common print film.

Digital film is not film, but an electronic chip, so the Xrays in machines have no affect on it.


Should be fine
The x-ray machines don’t effect digital cameras at all. Then only warning is not to have the memory card in your pocket when they check you. If the hand wand touches the card in your pocket it could corrupt all the images on it. Other than that you should be fine.