Digital camera question

On some shots I get bars in odd places, and on some I get composites of several shots. It appears to be totally random. Never had a problem until I damaged the lens cover and had it repaired. An older Olympus weatherproof.

Did your wife…
Put you in jail?

That certainly answers the question.

Honestly can’t answer…but
could be that the sensor may have been damaged. Try taking a photo of a white sheet of paper. That can show any problems that the sensor may have.


Thanks Andy. Since it is several
years old,I think it will just get replaced.

Is your wife…

…going to replace you or the camera?



Have you upgraded the software?

My PC erases the card , per my
request , after I download the photos. I’ll check on a SW upgrade. Thanks.

Erasing and Formatting
Erasing doesn’t necessarily equal formatting - I format our cards in the camera every time I DL pix…most digis have a format command in the menu…is this happening with a single card, or with several…

Only one card. I’ll look for trhat
format command. Thanks.