Digital Camera

I’m in the market for a digital camera for use when I take out my canoe or kayak. Anyone have any models they can recommend that would be condusive to paddling?

You can…
check out the archives, as there have been many posts about this issue. Of course, with every week there are new models arriving…

I just purchased the Pentax Optio 43WR. It is water resistant…can be used while paddling without an underwater housing. I have read very positive reviews from other paddlers. I am real pleased thus far with the land-based shots I have taken…hope to get out into the water with it this week. BTW…it cannot be used underwater, though is highly water resistant.

Good luck…


digital camera for water usage
Check out the Sony DSC-U60, a 2 Meg waterproof (up to 5 ft deep) digital camera. The waterproof feature also means it is not bothered in rain, sleet, snow, or sandstorms. It will take a lot of abuse and reward you with good pictures. I purchased mine to take with me on a white-water raft excursion in Jamaica. I was completely happy with the quality of this little cam. It doesn’t have a zoom, but for less than $150 you have to give up some features. For a good review.

I just bought one of the Sony DSC-60 and took it out yesterday on the water for the first time.

The lake was empty but windy and I got some decent pics of ur group that I will post on sometime today under "Lake Patagonia Nov-2004 folder)

It was easy to use, I was able to clip it to my PFD so it hung loose and was handy to use (my Reefmaster 35mm was also clipped to my vest to give me a choice) and them pics turned out to be very well.

I havn’t used it actually in-the-water yet as it was too cold to do w/w or be dunked so I don’t know about the waterproof abilities yet.

But so far, it seems to work very well for a camera that is only a few days old.

I like a Zoom Lense…
… I have the Olympus, 3Mp, 720 Ultra Zoom digital camera. Mine is 2 years old, and the new version of this is the 725 ultra zoom.

… It is an 8x optical, and 3 times that digital, for a total of 24x zoom. I keep it in a heavy zip lock bag when I am not using it. ( I need to buy a good waterproof camera bag).

… The 3 magapixels are great, and I have made 8 X 12 enlargements with it, and the clarity is great. The flash is powerfull enough for outside shots at a reasonable distance too.

… I really like it, but it is not a totally “point and shoot” camera. You can set it for fully automatic, and it does a great job. But if you are familiar with good 35mm camera, you can take over and set things manual, to get even better shots.

Happy paddling!

Great any with 3 or more megs!
Thanks for the post, are there any with 3 or more megs?

stylus 410
As a semi-pro photographer, my point n shoot of choice is the Olympus Stylus 410. Weather-proof, pcket sized, 4 mp, excellent lens, metal durable

Olympus Stylus 300 and 400
It’s water resistant, not water proof so I carry it in an Otter box most of the time, but do forget sometimes and leave it in my PFD pocket. No problems so far and I get it wet frequently and have had it almost 2 years. it’s 3.2 MP, takes excellent pics, and use many for wallpaper and screensavers. I wouldn’t mind upgrading to the 4MP Stylus 400 since the prices have gone down significantly since I bought mine. WW

The Pentax 43WR which singalong…
… mentioned is 4.0 megs and really is waterproof. It’s now my preferrred camera and is so popular in our local club that it has in own chatroom!

I’m sure others are equally as good, but this one gets my thumb up,


I agree Pentax 43WR
Waterproof and small! Easy to operate one handed and access from your PFD pocket. I did lots of research before I purchased the camera and I am extremely happy with the “stated” benefits and the actual performance.

I sold my waterproof camera because
I found that if the lens got wet (just one drop of water) my pictures were ruined. And, I found it very difficult to dry the lens off while kayaking. I ended up mostly keeping my camera in an otter box to keep it dry-but even then it would sometimes get a droplet on it. I am, however, happy to hear that many other people are pleased with their waterproof cameras. For me, I’ve switched back to my higher quality film camera. So, my point is that if you want top quality pictures-the waterproof digital may not be the best way to go. I think part of the problem with the some of the waterproof cameras mentioned in this thread is that they are so small and shaped in such a way that keeping water of the lens is difficult. I really have found it easier to keep my 35mm camera dry with its larger lens. I have pictures from a trip to Pictured Rocks last year and the difference between the waterproof digital and 35mm are night and day. For pictures in rougher conditions I may take along a disposable point and shoot.


Water on the lens
I jsut got a Pentax Optio 43WR and am happy with it – except for getting water spots on the lens. that ruined a number of pictures on a rainy paddle last weekend.

But I’m not ready to give up on it. Any ideas how to keep the lens dry? I was thinking of attaching a small piece of chamois to the strap, and occasionally daubing it on the lens, which I hope is actually a fairly tough lens protector rather than a delicate, optically active element.



I read on another listserve…
that a pack cloth works wonders…just picked up a small one at EMS to use just for that purpose…will see if it works as suggested. The same person (on North Shore Paddlers Network…a great resource) made a case out of neoprene…thinking of doing the same…will see. Her pics looked great btw…


Another Vote for the 43WR
I have had mine for a couple of months and have been very happy with it. It takes excelent photos and happily survived a night left out on the ground after a drunken night horseshoe game.

My only complaint is that it tears through batteries. I need to order a pair on the Nimh rechargeables…because its death on alkalines.

Ahhh. So we all must wrestle with …
… the demons in our gadgetry when that fuzzy shade of a distilled night is pulled down upon our eyes, eh Mr. T.? Whether it be prodigal digital cameras or prodded-and-pulled lawn chairs.

You know, they need to add a clapper feature to all these hi-falutin-tech gizmos of today so we can find them when they wander off in the dark.


I’ve been interested but it only has
a 2.8 optical zoom. I really really really want a waterproof/water resistant camera, and this seems to fit the bill…except for the zoom. I have a decent digital (Nikon Coopix 885) but it takes a special battery that isn’t cheap, and it eats it up quickly. The other issue is that I keep putting the camera back in the Otter Box every time I approach some rapids or strainers. I miss some of the best shots that way. I’d like to have it handy so I can take a picture just before that overhanging willow branch whaps me in the face.

What about the 33WR
After reading these response I looked into the Pentax 43WR but it’s a bit expensive for what I’m looking for. How’s the next model down, the 33WR?

I have a C-5060 and the waterproof case. Great camera and very good case. It is, however, bulky.

I just bought my wife a Stylus 410. It is very campact, 4MP, optical and digital zoom, etc… I have spoken to a number of paddlers who have Styluses and none have had issues with the water. One told me that he has dropped it in the water more than once.

Discontinued, IIRC

how’s the pentax 43wr for indoor shots?